Magic by Matthieu Hamaissi

Hand Choreography Magic download (video)
Hand Choreography
Magic download (video) by Matthieu Hamaissi - 39.95

2.5 hours of gimmick-free coin main. 12 powerful coin tricks using sleight of hand that you can perform in real world, close up magic situations....

Silver Finger Magic download (video)
Silver Finger
Magic download (video) by Matthieu Hamaissi - 22.00

Elegant and poetic sleight of hand coin magic. "Silver Finger" is a beautiful in-your-hands illusion that doesn't require any gimmicks or...

The Architect Trick
The Architect
Trick by Matthieu Hamaissi - 39.95

Powerful, pure and visual coin magic without any overcomplicated sleight of hand moves required. Matthieu Hamaissi is an underground coin magic...