The Architect

Trick by Matthieu Hamaissi
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The Architect

39.95 usd

Trick by Matthieu Hamaissi (39.95)

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The Architect - magic
The Architect The Architect The Architect The Architect The Architect The Architect

Powerful, pure and visual coin magic without any overcomplicated sleight of hand moves required.

Matthieu Hamaissi is an underground coin magic genius that understands how coin tricks can often be intimidating for most magicians. Many of them use sleights that require months of practice just to get the basic handling down.

"The Architect" presents novel and accessible coin magic that is jaw-dropping and highly visual. Matthieu shows you six amazing coin magic techniques that are surprisingly easy to learn. You'll apply them within the multiple included routines, and receive the necessary gimmick coins to get started right away.

You'll get an in-depth look at the work of a meticulous magician that carefully crafts every element of his performance, from the premise to the execution, with architectural precision. He will guide you through all the details and subtleties that enable you to present coin magic miracles that feel like true magic.

Effects Featured in "The Architect" by Matthieu Hamaissi

Wild Coin

An incredibly visual performance piece that feels like a dream. Three silver coins appear, disappear and travel between your hands in an aesthetically striking sequence. One at a time, the silver coins then transform into copper coins. You hand these to a spectator for a moment, and they are shocked to learn that the whole thing was just one impossible illusion. The coins are silver again.

The Game

A "Which Hand?" effect made up of multiple precision-crafted phases and a spectacular finale that occurs in in their hands.


An innovative, visual routine in which you make coins appear and vanish using a magic prop beloved by coin magic enthusiasts—the coin purse. With its carefully considered construction, "Purse" combines a purse frame with a Copper-Silver Coin to create a brilliant effect.

Ring Coin

Without a doubt, the most visually striking routine on "The Architect". It's difficult to capture in text, but we will try our best. After showing a silver coin and copper coin, the silver coin instantly transforms into a silver ring. Then, with a snap of your fingers, they swap and you're left with a copper ring and silver coin. You then set those down on a table, only for your audience to realize that both coins are now rings.


A beautiful routine in which coins vanish and reappear in a puff of smoke or simply just magical puffs of air.

Wild Purse

A fast and fun medley of visual appearances, transformations and vanishes using a coin purse frame.

What you Get

  • Bespoke half dollar/penny gimmicked coin, custom-made by renowned coin gaffer Jonathan Urvoy with a Kennedy head on one side, and either a George V, George VI or Elizabeth II head on the other (The version you receive will be selected at random)
  • A regular penny that matches the penny side of your gimmicked coin
  • Comprehensive instructional video

Please Note: Coin purse and rings are not included.


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  • Christopher asks: Hello this is Chris dixon. I ordered Artitect and only got the two coins In the mail. I was wondering is it a download or a dvd because if it’s a down load it’s not showing where all my other downloads . Thanks many Chris dixon

    • 1. Etan answers: Chris, the link and password for the tutorial are on the package.
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  • Kim asks: Is this in English?

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