The Raphael Cups and Balls Set

Trick by Rashaun Chan
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The Raphael Cups and Balls Set

199.95 usd

Trick by Rashaun Chan (199.95)

In stock.

The Cups and Balls trick has remained a global cornerstone of magic for centuries. Mastered and refined by legendary magicians, this trick has been passed down through generations to today's performers. Building on this rich legacy, Bluether Magic has joined forces with Raphael Gaffs to introduce The Raphael Cups and Balls.



  • The cups are available in two options: ones made from 304 stainless steel and others made from yellow brass. Each cup is made using a CNC lathe and is hand-polished to attain a mirror shine.

  • With a focus on optimizing the user experience for magicians, we devote extra attention to the design process of both the cups and the balls. For example, the top curvature of our cups undergoes extensive fine-tuning to make it steep enough not only to nest up to three balls but also to hold them in place during moves that involve a lot of shaking. No matter the nature of the movements, the balls remain in place upon reveal from stacked cups.INNOVATION:

  • In addition to the regular cups, we've also introduced Stealth Cups, distinguished by their black-coated interiors. This feature is designed to prevent the reflections of objects hidden in the cups from being exposed.FINAL LOADS:

  • The inner diameter of the cup is equal to its height, enabling the accommodation of larger final loads, such as a full-size tennis ball and various fruits. Each of our cups, weighing 268 grams (0.59 pounds), provides unparalleled stability for any type of concealed load. This ensures that the cups remain stationary throughout your performance, even when using heavy fruits and live animals as the final loads.BALLS:

  • The weight and size of each hand-stitched crochet ball are ideal for any moves you may want to perform, and they are made to last a lifetime. The core of this crochet ball is unlike any other on the market; even when dropped from waist height, the ball's bounce won't get out of control.WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE:


  • Diameter of cup mouth: 67mm, or 2.64"

  • Height: 73mm or 2.87"

  • Weight (Brass version): 286g or 10.08oz

  • Weight (Stainless Steel version): 268g or 9.45oz4 X EXQUISITELY HAND-STITCHED SMALL CROCHET BALLS

  • Size: 22mm or 0.87"


  • Brass version with standard interior coating

  • Brass version with black interior coating

  • Stainless steel version with standard interior coating

  • Stainless steel version with black interior coating


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