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Cut 2.0 Trick
Cut 2.0
Trick by Ran Pink - $59.95

Cut 2 allows us to briefly discuss a paradigm shift in magic. The proliferation of magic on TV and the internet has changed our industry. People now experience more magic on TV, and it shapes their expectations on magic. And the nature of TV (and more so, internet) magic is FAST and VISCERAL. The...

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International Dream Fly DVD
International Dream Fly
DVD by Michael Afshin - $38.00

A Startling New Professional Coin Routine INTERNATIONAL DREAM FLY - is an entirely new and absolutely incredible routine by underground coin ninja Michael Afshin. In fact, it's so beautiful and so striking, that it's almost impossible to capture in text the visual mastery and magic you'll see in...

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Will Houstoun Live Lecture DVD DVD
Will Houstoun Live Lecture DVD
DVD by Will Houstoun - $9.95

Will Houstoun is an international award winning magician who specializes in consultancy for film and advertising as well as instruction on both the technical and historic aspects of magic.  His talent has been recognized by the likes of Martin Scorsese, as he worked as a consultant for the...

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