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Here are the products that we currently have on sale. While all of thes products are brand new and unopened, we only have one or two of most of them! (Items get removed from the list when the discount is over).

Believe DVD
DVD by Aaron DeLong - $40.00 NOW $18.00 (SAVE $22.00)

Aaron DeLong is one of my favorite magicians to hang out with. He is always looking to push his magic further  and that's exactly what has happened with Believe. He originally released the trick several years ago and received a great reaction from his customers. But for a long time, it was...

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Alex Elmsley Signature Magicians Series DVD
Alex Elmsley Signature Magicians Series
DVD by Alex Elmsley - $59.99 NOW $27.00 (SAVE $32.99)

It's clear that at Vanishing Inc, we're a big fan of Alex Elmsley. He was an amazing thinker and a pioneer of close-up magic. This 2 DVD set is from a lecture and workshop that Alex gave in England during his final few years with us. It was filmed at Colin Rose's house and was attended by my friend...

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DVD by Daniel Garcia - $19.95 NOW $9.00 (SAVE $10.95)

Daniel Garcia is one of those magicians that can entertain you for hours, without ever resorting to pulling out a deck of cards or any other kind of props. He's always ready to go using whatever he has on his person.SH4DE is an example of that. This is Daniel's handling of the famous Matrix...

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Greed DVD
DVD by Daniel Garcia - $29.95 NOW $13.50 (SAVE $16.45)

Greed is classic Daniel Garcia and we think is one of his strongest tricks. He borrows a one dollar bill and magically turns it into a five dollar bill. He then continues sequentially, changing the bill into every bill up to a twenty dollar bill."Want me to turn it into a fifty?" He asks the owner...

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The Session DVD DVD
The Session DVD
DVD by The Session - $43.00 NOW $19.50 (SAVE $23.50)

What goes on at The Session stays at The Session ... AND on this DVD! The Session is a yearly event in the UK that attracts some of the most respected magicians from all over the world. While organisers Andi Gladwin and Rob James invite some big name magicians to perform and lecture at the event,...

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Limited Book
Book by Daniel Garcia - $25.00 NOW $11.25 (SAVE $13.75)

This booklet is essentially a best of Daniel Garcia (second cousin, twice removed of Frank Garcia). It contains the material that he lectures on and relies on in many of his impromptu performances.

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Quarantine Trick
Trick by Craig Petty - $35.00 NOW $15.75 (SAVE $19.25)

From the man who takes the r out of pretty, Craig Petty gives us Quarantine. The effect is the closer of Craig's competition act and it's a really nice Paul Harris-esque idea. At the end of an Ambitious Card routine, you show a piece of cellophane and make it shrink-wrap itself around the entire...

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The Cardiste CD DVD
The Cardiste CD
DVD by Rusduck - $29.95 NOW $13.50 (SAVE $16.45)

Rusduck was a Pennsylvania police chief who wrote one of magic's most articulate magazines, The Cardiste, before his early death at 49. The Cardiste was a wonderful magazine from the 1950s that was way ahead of its time. Its author, J. Russell Duck (known to everyone as Rusduck) famously had a...

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Session Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Session
Book by Joshua Jay - $40.00 NOW $18.00 (SAVE $22.00)

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Loophole DVD & props
DVD & props by Cameron Francis - $30.00 NOW $13.50 (SAVE $16.50)

Every Ambitious Card routine needs a good ending. This is a great ending. At the end of an Ambitious Card routine, the performer takes the signed selection and places it in the middle of the deck. He then places the entire deck into the card box, which has a large hole cut out of it. With...

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Baltazar Fuentes and his Magic DVD
Baltazar Fuentes and his Magic
DVD by Baltazar Fuentes - $33.75 NOW $15.25 (SAVE $18.50)

The world needs more magicians like Baltazar Fuentes. Fluid, smooth, understated, and clean. In the right circles, the name Baltazar Fuentes comes up a lot (mostly because of his Revolution Pass, which is also featured on this DVD). He chilled with Marlo and has sessioned with all the...

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