Magic download (ebook) by Mark Shortland
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Magic download (ebook) by Mark Shortland (25.00)

What do Nate Staniforth, The Jerx, Marc Paul, Jon Allen, and Mark Shortland have in common? They all love "Amazebox" and contributed to Amazebook!

Our most popular effect of all time is "Amazebox." And now we're pleased to bring you an ebook dedicated to the very best ways to use it.

If you own Amazebox, you NEED this book. It will open your eyes to how some of the best magicians in the world are using the prop.

If you don't yet own Amazebox, Amazebook is a great way to familiarize yourself with the prop and its capabilities.

The best part? It's just $24 and available for IMMEDIATE download.

You'll learn magic by Nate Staniforth, The Jerx, Marc Paul, Jon Allen, and of course, the Amazebox creator Mark Shortland.

In all there are 10 effects (and one stage presentation) described, most suitable for large stages and cruise ships. You'll learn the history of this box and how it was constructed, as well as other ways to integrate it into your show. Plus, you'll learn the one thing that creator Mark Shortland thinks you must NEVER do with the Amazebox.

This fantastic prop is a neo-classic, yet many people remain uncertain how best to use it in their shows. Now, you'll know.

Here is what some of the biggest names in magic have to say about the Amazebox:

"Mark Shortland has created an ingenious and devious solution to an age old problem. Natural looking, hands off in operation and simple to use; this might well be exactly what you are looking for." Luke Jermay
"Amazebox is enormously practical, and is as ingenious as the best Tenyo effects, but built into a stage prop that looks entirely normal" Joshua Jay
"I've never been so excited for a magic utility device in my career! Kyle Marlett
"I’m using AmazeBox in my show. As soon as I saw it I knew that every mentalist and magician could find a use for it in their show too!" Andi Gladwin
"I've performed a Q & A act for over a decade. I've tried so many methods to appear natural and hands free. Bags, boxes, envelopes. This is the most innocent looking method I have ever seen! And completely hands free. I'll take two. When you see something this good, always buy a spare!" Paul Draper
"This is something I would put in my show. Very clever design and practical for working performers. Deceptive and hands-off, what more could you ask for?" Eric Dittelman
"The best gimmicks in magic are the ones who fool you even when you know how they work. When I first saw this I knew what it was and what it did, yet I didn't see it happen! Seemless, elegant and beyond deceptive! Best mentalism gimmick I've seen this year!" Spidey
"This prop is beautifully invisible to the audience. Organic and powerful. I can’t wait to try new magic with AmazeBox!" Justin Flom
"This is one of the most exciting new tools I have seen. It not only is super cool and clever, it's extremely versatile and completely practical. This is something I will use." Dan White
PDF download. 48 pages.

Customer reviews for AmazeBook



Fantastic utility prop from a fantastic magician. Mark is amazing!



This ebook is a must have for any owner of any of the different Amazeboxes.

The ten routines contained within really get those creative juices flowing, and the routines themselves are all very strong.

This book helps turn what is already an amazing tool into a must have for any magician/mentalist and I would love to see sequels to this being released with collaborations from all the workers who utilise the Amazebox to its full potential.

Simply put, if you have an Amazebox, get this. It’s that good.



Here are some reasons why I highly recommend this eBook:

It contains four, solid routines from Mark Shortland and various colaborators. These are described in detail and go well beyond the use of the box as a simple forcing utility (e.g. for a name or a number.) In addition, there are five presentation variations on the four basic effects; an outline suggestion for a longer and more elaborate routine and a number of other presentation tips.

The four basic types of routine described are:

Add a Number. Spectators write numbers on billets. These are placed in the box. When tipped out and the total is calculated, the magiciain’s prediction is close to but not equal to the calculated total. In a kicker ending, the total is rectified in a very convincing and baffling manner. Several variations are described in detail including versions with dates of signifcant events, Monopoly money and weights.

Counters. The magician accurately calculates the proportion of coloured counters placed by spectators in two Amazeboxes. (!)

Q & A. Spectators put billets in the box containing questions or personal information. The billets are tipped into a glass bowl and the magician selects a few. Without seeing the writing on the billets, the magician is able to discern the information and answer the questions.

Jigsaw. A spectator selects a single jigsaw piece form the box he/she has loaded with puzzle pieces. The significance of this freely selected piece is only discovered when a second jigsaw puzzle is revealed.

The book also contains Mark Shortland's account of the development of the Amazebox, from his prototypes to the three versions commercially available (to date.)

The eBook contains important thinking on the psychology of this kind of mentalism. For example, Mark explains why a magical production at the end of a routine is better than a straight prediction. Insights such as these from such a seasoned, professional performer are extremely valuable and I found them very helpful.

Who would like this book?

Amazebook would mainly suit Amazebox owners (any version) who wants to have a range of varied routines to include in their shows. It might be especially helpful to someone who is looking for opportunities to move into stage performances and is developing routines that particularly suit their style and special interests. Amazebook is intended to get you thinking and, instead of giving you numerous scripted routines, it gives you the raw materials to inwardly digest and build your own, special effects.

Is the eBook worth the money?

The eBook is not a super bargain, but it is super helpful. Some people will baulk at the idea of having to pay this much for an ‘instruction sheet,’ containing a few routines, especially when they have already paid between £35 and £60 for one of the boxes. The best professional magic props today include high quality video tutorials, often with numerous routines thoroughly taught. If you buy a Svengali Deck for a fiver, you expect to have to pay a little more for a decent book with routines taught. However, rightly or wrongly, we have come to expect full instructions and routine ideas when we buy magic designed for the working professional or keen amateur. When your Amazebox arrives in the post (in a beautiful, giant envelope), you get a pre-cut, flat-packed piece of corrugated plastic and about an hour’s DIY to do. Although Mark Shortlands instruction video is excellent (and entertaining,) he only gives some hints for the use of this excellent utility device. When I bought my Amazebox, I had a particular use for it in mind already (the simple force of a vote for favourite TV series at a wedding), so I wasn’t at all disappointed. It was only some months later that I discovered the Amzebook eBook, and I am very glad I did. I have to admit, it took a bit of courage to part with and extra 30% of what I had already paid for the box, but I do think it was well worth it. It would be helpful to have information about about the Amazebook in the ad copy for each of the Amazeboxes. Then people can make a more informed purchase right from the start. For this reason, in this review, I have given some details of the kind of effects taught in the eBook without giving anything away (I hope.)

The eBook consist of a 48 page PDF. It is an easy, enjoyable read. It reads a bit like a transcription of one of those live Youtube interviews added to ideas posted other professional magicians on an owner’s Facebook page and topped up by Mark Shortland's biography of the Amazebox.

If you are very experienced with or well read on billet box effects, you may not find quite so much help in this eBook as I did. I suppose it makes sense, therefore, to sell the box and the book separately. Amazebox is excellent and is being used by many professional magicians. For us amateurs, we dip into magic designed for working professionals as the piggy bank permits and I feel that this excellent tool deserves excellent routines to go with it. It would be a great shame not to stretch its potential to the absolute limit of its capability in terms of an audience's awe and wonder. (Mark's insights in this book into how spectators reverse engineer possible explanations for magic tricks is very thought provoking and challenges you to refine routines without overthinking them.)

Nevertheless, I think that the content is excellent and it contains enough detailed information to help you perform at least six really solid routines. That alone would justify the price of the book. And for those launching into stage shows, the combined cost of an Amazebox plus the Amazebook is less than half the cost of the stage version of Cardiogrpahic and, to my mind, is much more interesting. Mark’s insights into the psychology of billet box mentalism is worth its weight in gold. Also, I think the book is all the better for being a little open ended, getting you to see some of the potential of the box, but forcing you to think about how to use it in your own style of magic.

As is probably clear from this review, this eBook is mainly geared towards magic on stage. However, most, but not all of the routines would work in a parlour setting or a small stage show at a wedding.

Readers may wish to read the whole hearted recommendation of the Amazebox (Black) in my review on the Vanishing Inc. website. (Julian)

VI Monthly


I’m of mixed minds about this. On the one hand, there is some real gold here. Professional level routines that you could use and earn a living from. On the other hand, it’s a bit brief for the price. Maybe that’s fine because what’s here is so good. Maybe it’s not because there isn’t a lot. I was happy with the purchase 1/2 off on a VI sale.



I bought this today for two main reasons: Luke Jermay (whose work and ideas have always impressed me) recommended it and also because I was bored during lockdown I am glad I did. I enjoyed the humor in it (for example, the Dai Vernon reference at the end). The part I enjoyed most, however, was Mark’s account at the beginning of how he came to create the AmazeBox. I have seen Mark several times at The Session but never spoken with him, but his personality came through in this short book and I liked that. To me, the experience of reading this was well worth £18.


Juan Carlos

Regular, bastante regular... creo que se queda flojo. Si bien las rutinas descritas son interesantes creo que la caja tiene mucho más provecho echándole imaginación que lo que se puede sacar de este libro. No dejan de ser las más habituales y casi lógicas y predecibles. A mi me lo regalaron en la compra con la caja por lo que no puedo quejarme del precio pero creo que es elevado para una compra individual.
Eso sí, si a las rutinas descritas le echas una buena dosis de imaginación puedes inventar juegos interesantes para implementar en tu show. Pero no me gastaría ese dinero en comprarlo.
Está bastante por debajo del nivel de la caja y lo esperado para un elemento así.

VI Monthly


This ebooks provides interesting details about the creation of the Amazebox. There are some good routines and use suggestions, however one of the most creative ones require 2 Amazeboxes. I agree with other reviewers that this ebook could have been provided with the box.



There are some really nice ideas in this book. If you are looking to expand your routines with the AmazeBox, then get this ebook!



I expected a bit more from this, especially at the price. This could very well have come with the box, free as an add on. Some of the routines are poorly explained and the wording can be confusing. One of them requires using more than one box and another doesn't use the box at all. I expected a great deal more creativity for the price. This was filled with fairly standard prediction techniques. Although I use the box, I won't likely be using any of the routines from this book. Save some money and come up with creative ideas on your own.


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