Lights Camera Magic

Magic download (ebook) by Danny Orleans, Chris Michael and Zach Alexander
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Lights Camera Magic

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Magic download (ebook) by Danny Orleans, Chris Michael and Zach Alexander (30.00)

Lights Camera Magic - magic
Lights Camera Magic Lights Camera Magic
People everywhere are quarantining. Events and parties are going virtual. Everyone is Zooming. If you want to perform a magic show, you have to learn how to do it online. If you’ve tried it, or seen other magicians’ videos of their virtual shows, then you know there are challenges and barriers to overcome.

Enter Zach Alexander, professional magician with a degree in electrical engineering. To serve the magic community, he collaborated with Chris Michael and Danny Orleans to create a guide to performing a virtual magic show. Check out the video to learn more about Lights, Camera, Magic.

This 70-page e-book was written for performers of all levels. It covers the basics such as the best angle to point your iPhone when you’re FaceTiming as well as where to stand in your living room to catch the best light. But it also guides the full-time pro who now has to depend on their virtual magic show to make a living. There are chapters on 3-point lighting systems and how to install external wireless microphones to your laptop and how to add additional cameras to your show to enhance the audience’s experience.

And there’s advice on tricks. Zach includes trick ideas that actually work better online then they do in person. Plus, there’s a serious discussion on how to modify the tricks you know to wow your spectators. He teaches you simple exercises to improve your ability to make eye contact virtually with everyone. It’s the complete opposite from what you do when you’re on a stage and it takes just 15 minutes of practice. This technique alone is worth the price of the e-book and will immediately make you look a lot better when you appear on homebound viewers’ screens.

The e-book contains four sections. No matter what your level of technology or magic proficiency, you’ll find advice inside that will help you. Of the 25 chapters on specific topics, here are our favorites:

Section 1: Everyone has a Front Row Seat

  • How are Virtual Magic Shows Different from Your Typical Magic Show?
  • Movement and Positioning
  • Selecting Tricks for Your Virtual Magic Show: What Works and What Doesn’t?
  • Three Routines You Can Adapt to Digital Right Now!
  • Top Ten Tricks You Need for Your Virtual Magic Shows

Section 2: Virtual Magic Shows for Beginners

  • How to Look Good and Get Comfortable on Camera
  • Five great Gags for Your Virtual Show
  • Five Mistakes Everyone Makes in their First Virtual Show

Section 3: Make Your Show Look Like a Pro

  • And the Magician said, “Let there be Light”
  • Keeping Eye Contact
  • Virtual Applause, if they Clap and You Can’t Hear it, Does it Count?
  • Scripting Strategies: How to Rework any Routine for an Online Audience

Section 4: Advanced Technology and Strategies

  • Adding Multiple Camera Angles to the Show
  • Adding Pre-Recorded Video to the Show
  • Streamlining the Show with Designated Audience Members
  • Taking your Show Above and Beyond with Even More Advanced Options
  • Thinking About the Future: How to Convert your Virtual Shows into Live Shows
  • How is a Virtual Platform Different from a Stage Platform?

Times have changed. And they’ve changed fast. We are all going to have to learn how to reposition our magic so we can keep doing what we love to do. Download Lights Camera Magic and you’ll be able to learn how to do, or improve your current virtual show right away.


Customer reviews for Lights Camera Magic



Great for a beginner in virtual shows. Lots of great ideas in here for getting started.



A quick read. A few worthwhile tips, but overall I found it cursory, lacking depth and at times stating the obvious. I would rate it okay rather than pretty good.


Community questions about Lights Camera Magic

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  • Larraine asks: Virtual shows, live shows. How do they differ?

    • 1. Danny Orleans (creator) responds: Actually, there's a whole chapter on that in the book! For one, you can't ask for someone to join you on stage. Right? Another, no angle problems! A third, eye contact with the audience is totally different. Lots more on this in the ebook.
  • Victor asks: Hi Danny, Are the suggestions for camera and lighting inexpensive or are the authors recommending a substantial capital investment? Thank you.

    • 1. Danny Orleans (creator) responds: Truth is, for most of us, the camera in your (relatively new) cell phone is great! Suggestions for good lighting instruments can be bought at your local hardware store for less than $40. The eBook covers amount of lighting, how to diffuse it, angles and positions. That's the key to lighting 90% of the time.
  • MICHAEL asks: Is this anything like the published hardbound book LIGHTS! CAMERAS! MAGIC! by Dick and Virginia Williams?

    • 1. Dottore answers: Not that I'm aware of.
    • 2. Danny Orleans (creator) responds: No. The Williams' book was written over 25 years ago before there were cameras in cell phones. This ebook is mostly about how to create and perform in a home studio. For example: how to set up the lights, camera in your cell phone and sound to optimize the online magic show.
    • 1. Dottore answers: Not that I'm aware of.
  • Steve asks: Do they cover Mentalisim specifically?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yup!
  • dean vefik asks: Hi, there are multiple artists giving info about using Zoom etc. and technical stuff. But many dont say a lot about the interior of an virtual show. How to lay out the program, tips and tricks.. maybe the idea of usage of a puppet etc... Will we find this kind of info in the book too? Thank you :)

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    • Bill asks: Is there info on how to sell your virtual magic show?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No this is more geared towards how to make your virtual show look professional rather than selling it.
    • Michael asks: Do they tell you how to have your video screen and one selected volunteer's video side by side with your video in zoom? Basically, like a two person interview, only with more attendees?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are some features mentioned for products like Zoom, but if you want to know that we suggest looking at a Zoom specific tutorial. This is more geared towards performing a show across a platform such as Zoom and how to set up the show, to answer your question you probably want to look at a guide to the settings in Zoom.
    • John asks: Are there any instructions on using a green screen?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: No it doesn't teach about green screens.
    • Jeffrey asks: Is this mostly geared towards a kids entertainer, especially the effects that work? Will a magician that works more close up and parlor magic benefit from this?

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's more about technical techniques to improve any style of magic when you perform virtually, rather than teaching tricks to do virtually.
    • Chris asks: Does this book cover performing close up magic to a camera and lighting when using playing cards.

      • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It talks more about adapting close-up to a virtual style show. There is a whole chapter on lighting.
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