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Magic download (ebook) by Andi Gladwin (Free)

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PIN - magic

To celebrate Halloween, we're giving away a completely free, freaky trick by our very own Andi Gladwin (who appears to like writing in third person).

The effect is simple, but pretty disgusting looking: The magician takes a thumb tack (drawing pin) and slowly pushes it into his arm.  The pin stays there for a few seconds, before the magician pulls it out, leaving a temporary mark where the pin had penetrated the skin.

Enjoy this freaky free magic download from all the team at Vanishing Inc. Magic!

Free magic download

3 (amazing) pages


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Customer reviews for PIN


Sick. Very sick. Don't stop.



This has the delightful pleasure of grossing out people!



Sweet ! I'm doing this next chance I get!



This is 100% awesome. It's worth the price!



Quick and painless download, hope the ..............Ouch !



I have not done this effect yet, but it looks like it will really freak someone out if you do it. So just try it and have fun watching a spectator with a light stomach run to the bathroom :D



It's free and sure to get a wonderfully shocked reaction, what are you waiting for?



Wow! I can't believe that I'm just now getting around to reading this wonderful effect that Andi Gladwin graciously gave to us. I simply can not believe this was and still is free! At the right time and right place, this will surely elicit a very strong response from people! Thank you Vanishing Inc. !

PIN by Andi Gladwin