Benjamin Earl Workshop - Manchester, UK and New York, USA

Ben Earl is heralded as one of the finest sleight-of-hand artists of our time. Lennart Green says, “his philosophy and ability is supernatural”, mentalist Colin Cloud says, “his skill level, thinking, style and approach is close to unrivalled” and Steve Forte says that he is "one of the best card magicians alive."

Next workshops:
Manchester, England: 23rd July 2017 (1pm - 4pm) - click here to sign up
New York, USA: 19th August 2017 (1pm - 4pm) - click here to sign up

What makes Ben’s material so effortless and invisible? We believe that it comes down to three main things: the unique way he removes tension from his body, how he simplifies methods and how he applies powerful psychology to everything he does.

Neomovement. Ben Earl
Neomovement. Ben Earl
Neomovement. Ben Earl
Neomovement. Ben Earl Photos from 2016 Denmark workshop

In this exclusive Vanishing Inc. workshop, you’ll learn how to practice more efficiently, how to execute 'invisible sleight of hand' effortlessly and how to use devious psychological techniques that will make your magic more powerful. These teachings have affected many around Ben, such as Rune Klan, who says that he is “a better magician thanks to Ben."

At this workshop, you’ll not only learn about Ben's Neo-Movement concepts, but you'll also learn at least a dozen different sleights/moves (including false shuffles, cuts, palms, passes and more), along with some of Ben’s best effects. You'll learn:

  • An impossible coin across routine
  • A slow motion coin vanish that looks like real magic.
  • The Flo Pitch: Bens' handling of a perfect coin illusion
  • A clean prediction of a freely named card
  • A NEW two-card transposition which requires virtually no sleight of hand
  • A deck switch that looks like trick photography
  • A new approach to the double lift and the top change
  • How to make palming invisible
  • How to make culling invisible
  • How to make the pass/shift invisible
  • Bens' signature Ace Cutting routine

Ben’s hands-on, attentive teaching means that everyone will go away a better magician. The workshop isn’t for the absolute beginner (you must have basic magic knowledge and be able to do basic magic moves), but other than that, all levels are welcome. This isn't about learning difficult magic; it's about improving magic. As Mark Elsdon said: “one cannot overstate the impact Ben’s system will have on the future of magic.”

Where are the workshops held?
We keep the location secret online, but we'll email you the exact address when you have registered. The Manchester workshop will be central Manchester (very close to Manchester Piccadilly station) and the New York workshop will be in midtown Manhattan.

How much is it?
The Manchester, UK workshop is £70 per person and the New York workshop is $100 per person.

Spacing is limited, so sign up now to join Ben and the Vanishing Inc. team for an unforgettable day of magic.