How does Vanishing Inc.'s free international shipping work?

When we first launched Vanishing Inc. over a decade ago, the idea we would one day be sending magic to every corner of the globe felt like a distant dream. The fact that it is now, not only a reality, but is also accompanied by a remarkably low threshold for free international shipping, is the result of many years of hard work. So we wanted to give you, the loyal members of our #VIFamily, a little peek behind the scenes at how our free international shipping to countries outside the US and UK works.

How Vanishing Inc.'s Free International Shipping Works

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The ability to offer free worldwide shipping on orders over $75 / £75 (and discounted shipping on EVERY international order as part of our VI+ program) is the result of countless hours of negotiations. We have created some very clever solutions with international carriers and passed the savings on to you. Here’s how we do it…

Typically, when you send a package internationally, it boards the first available flight to its destination. But that can sometimes be horribly inefficient and bad for the environment. (Imagine if a plane left the USA for Japan and it was only half full of mail.) We were the first company in America to work with UPS to test a system which consolidates mail from different carriers. The aim is to create a more efficient, economical, and eco-friendly way of shipping packages around the world.

The process breaks down like this:

  1. We send your package to a central UPS hub, where it is sorted with all of the other mail going to your country.
  2. Once there is enough mail to fill up a plane, the packages get ready to fly!
  3. When the packages arrive in your country, they are handed to your national postal carrier, who will deliver them to your door. (this is also why you will sometimes get a second tracking number).

In many cases, free international shipping can arrive in a week or so. However, in other cases, it's more likely to take 2-3 weeks to arrive. If you don’t mind waiting, then this is the perfect, most cost-effective option for our international customers outside of the US and UK.

We know that this free shipping is a very tempting option. But, as magicians ourselves, we also know how eager you are to get your new magic. If you’d like your order to arrive faster, we suggest paying the nominal fee for an upgraded shipping service—which, by the way, features fantastic rates as part of this program. All VI+ members also get further discounts on all international shipping rates.

If you have any questions, remember, our Support Wizards are always available to help.

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