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Starlight Black Hole Deck Deck of cards
Starlight Black Hole Deck
Deck of cards by Collectable Playing Cards - $9.95

This 2nd deck in the Starlight series displays a glorious abyss of glowing stars that fade into a dark unknown of a black hole. The Starlight Black Hole playing cards feature 56 custom cards printed on the classic Air-Cushion Finish. The deck displays a glorious abyss of glowing...

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Hole (Higpon) DVD
Hole (Higpon)
DVD by Higpon - $24.95

You will place a black sticker on a card and from where the sticker is placed you will give the illusion that you have formed a hole. A portable hole is something that one can only find in cartoons but this effect gives a convincing illusion that you can place a hole on an object and...

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The (W)Hole Deck Trick
The (W)Hole Deck
Trick by Marc Arthur - $30.00

Marc Arthur improves on the appearing hole effect with his debut release, (W)Hole Deck. In his routine, a stick melts through a spectator's selected card, creating an actual hole on the card that they can stick their finger through. The hole then jumps from the selected card onto the rest of...

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