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Identity DVD
DVD by Richard Sanders - $20.00

Walk up someone you've never met and have a card chosen, marked and shuffed into the deck. Next, you draw a series of random marks on the back of any indifferent card. Those marks VISIBLY JUMP from card to card, finally VANISHING COMPLETELY. The deck is slowly spread to reveal the marks on the back...

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Six Pack Book
Six Pack
Book by Caleb Wiles - $20.00

Caleb’s newest collection of commercial card magic features six items that are all relatively easy to do but have a huge impact on the audience. Included is an effect that has fooled some of the best card magicians in the world. This is strong stuff.  Here’s what’s included: Problem...

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Expert at the Card Table (Black Hardcover) Book
Expert at the Card Table (Black Hardcover)
Book by SW Erdnase - $50.00

Unequivocally, the most renowned book of its kind. The Expert At The Card Table has often been referred to as the “Bible” of card magic by magicians and gambling experts alike. Due to its content, it is still today one of the most relevant referrals on sleight of hand card techniques in the world....

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