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Inscrutable DVD
DVD by Joe Barry - $64.00

Inscrutable marks the debut of Joe Barry; a young British card magician with an extrodinary talent who created quite a buzz at our convention, The Session. This two-DVD collection includes Joe's prized routines, moves, subtleties and thoughts. Ranging from self-working miracles to the more...

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Inscrutable Chapter 2 DVD
Inscrutable Chapter 2
DVD by Joe Barry - $38.25

On this DVD Joe shares more of his favourite creations. Inscrutable 2 is packed with new material. New Moves & Routines10 cards for LevanteThanks to VernonSimple Card at NumberEighth SonThe Spread Cross ForceThinkPseudo Hold'em End playFreedom stackingPsychic spectatorIntuitive selection Bonus...

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Joe Monti Live Lecture DVD DVD
Joe Monti Live Lecture DVD
DVD by Joe Monti - $9.95

A name that has resonated throughout the industry for well over 25 years. Joe Monti is not only a stellar magician but is one of magic's most valuable consultants as well! With experience as head consultant for Criss Angel's "Mindfreak", Joe has performed for clients in 40 countries across the...

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