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Orbit Spread Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Orbit Spread
Magic download (video) by Bill Perkins - $10.00

Q. Is the Orbit Spread a wildly original flourish? A. Yes, unlike any other flourish you have ever seen. Q. Is the Orbit Spread also a magic trick? A. Yes, a visual change of a tabled card. Q. Where can I see the Orbit Spread? A. ONLY at Vanishing Inc. Bill Perkins is the...

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What Lies Inside Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive What Lies Inside
Book by Florian Severin - $45.00

What Lies Inside is the greatly expanded, updated English edition of a best-selling German book on mentalism (originally titled 13 Steps to Vandilism!). Florian Severin is a respected mentalist in his native Germany. In this acclaimed collection, he details sixteen chapters of mentalism effects and...

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