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Oil Unrigged Magic download (video)
Oil Unrigged
Magic download (video) by Jordan Cotler - $9.95

Jordan Cotler's 'Oil Unrigged' is a beautiful four phase Oil & Water routine that is as outrageously impressive as it is burnable! Taking the renowned 'Technicolor Oil & Water' as its inspiration, this routine moves things up a notch by dispensing with any gaff cards (just grab some...

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The Vault - False Shuffle Project Magic download (video)
The Vault - False Shuffle Project
Magic download (video) by Patrick Redford and George Tait - $10.00

If you've been looking for some convincing false shuffles to add to your repertoire, then check out The False Shuffle Project by Patrick Redford! With 45 minutes of in-depth instruction, you will learn everything you need to know on 6 different false shuffles. Perfect for mem deck workers or just a...

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Interlace Trick
Trick by Richard Sanders - $99.95

The best magic tricks are stories, and we can’t think of a better story than this: “He borrowed my ring. It disappeared…and then reappeared on his SHOELACE!” Enough said. It’s that strong. It’s practical, not difficult. You’ll use it. Without giving away the method, this thing is so...

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