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Bad news — the MagicGeeks have moved on to bigger and more geekier things. That means that the store is no more.

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Realistic Latex Dove Accessory
Realistic Latex Dove
Accessory - $15.00

Perfect for productions, vanishes, switches, etc. This is a very realistic looking dove! Looks good even from a very short distance!

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Super Real Latex Lemon Trick
Super Real Latex Lemon
Trick - $17.00

The ultimate fake lemon available on the market - looks just like the real thing from a distance and even up close! We're thrilled to be able to offer you this incredibly realistic looking fake lemon. Compresses into a very small space and can even be made totally flat - always holding...

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Chemical X Trick
Chemical X
Trick by Dan Sperry - $15.00

Finally available again!  Dan has made his secretadhesive glue available to the magic community once more: Chemical X is back! This is a super strong adhesive formula that is an excellent replacementto rubber cement.  It is non-toxic, quick drying, and latex free.     The...

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