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Rocco's Glass Holder Trick
Rocco's Glass Holder
Trick by Rocco - $24.99

Vanishing Inc are pleased to be able to offer you Rocco's Glass Holder, the highly popular glass holder from the American magician, author and lecturer, Rocco Silano. For those who don't know, a glass holder is a small metal clip that attaches to your waist that is able to hold a glass...

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Superior Hydrostatic Glass Trick
Superior Hydrostatic Glass
Trick by Steven Dick - $55.00

The Hydrostatic glass is a classic effect in magic and there must be 100's of marketed versions. We like the fact that this comes with a regular Drinking Glass that is actual glass. Many professionals like Bob Sheets and Alan Shaxon use it in their working repertoire because the effect...

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Light in Wine Glass Trick
Light in Wine Glass
Trick by Amazo Magic - $34.95

If you do any light manipulation, such as D-Light, this is a great accessory.   A light is captured in the magician's hand through the air. After a moment, the magician throws it back into the air, and it magically appears in a glass that he holds in his hand. It is a...

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