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Infamously known by the world as the "Magician who tried to sell weed to a cop," Calen Morelli's brand of viral magic has made him an internet sensation garnering millions of views, likes, and shares. 

His break out success has also led him to become the face and hands of a series of Samsung commercials, where he takes his nuanced talent for cardistry and applies it to an entirely different medium... a smartphone. But his incendiary rise to stardom is not without its beginnings. Since the release of his sell-out debut effect Dresscode, Calen's made a name for himself as one of the most prolific and refreshing artists in the industry. And this August, we'll have a rare chance to join Calen Morelli At The Table. We'll take an in depth look at some of his favorite effects, and find out some his secrets in building a career in magic. It'll be an evening you won't want to miss!


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Here is a detailed review of Calen Morelli's at the table lecture. I Hope it's helpful! I will start off by going over the effects (not in order) and then summarise the lecture. I apologise if I have got the names of the tricks wrong as I did not quite catch some of them.

-PK straw
Effect: A three phase routine where a borrowed straw floats from hand to hand, impossibly balances on your finger and then jumps off your hand without you making any visible movements.
My thoughts: If you do any IT work you will love this. The method is solid and very clever. I do not use IT but Calen's lecture has made me consider it. Ends clean, no angle issues.

-PK ring
Effect: A borrowed ring rises on your outstretched hand and then jumps over to a spectators hand.
My thoughts: This is also brilliant. Again I do not use IT but would certainly do this if I did. It will require a bit of practice but I would not consider that a downside. Solid effect. Ends clean, no angle issues.

Effect: You show your phone and place it on the table or on a spectators hand. You wrap a rubber band around a spectators borrowed phone, it then vanishes and appears on your phone.
My thoughts: This effect is on function 9. Good method although I do not feel you could get away with putting your phone in the spectators hand. The gimmick is easy to construct and Calen explains exactly how to make it. Can be performed with people 180 degrees around you. Ends clean.

-Ring through bands
Effect: A borrowed ring penetrates two rubber bands that are wrapped around your wrist.
My thoughts: This also uses a gimmick, which is easy to construct. The effect is very nice although there are other methods to achieve the same thing. However this is very visual and easy to perform. Calen does not teach a cleanup but it should be very easy as the effect ends with the heat off the gimmick and you can hand out the bands and ring to be inspected. Again you need people to be about 180 degrees around you. This is a bonus on function 9. Nice effect.

Effect: A two phase card routine where a selected card rises out of the deck, teleports between two aces, and then teleports between the other aces which have been in between the spectators hands the whole time. The second phase is just their card jumping back and fourth between the two pairs of aces.
My thoughts: I love this effect. I will definitely be using this. This was on function 9. IMHO the second phase is not necessary as it is not as powerful as the first phase. One move needs to be performed with people directly in front of you but the rest can be done pretty much surrounded. Ends completely clean. Very visual and solid effect.

-Coin in sharpie cap
Effect: A coin vanishes from your closed hand and appears inside the cap.
My thoughts: This is a super visual and practical version of the classic. It uses a very nice variation of a well know move. It uses a gimmick that you probably have. I will definitely be using this. Can be performed pretty much surrounded, ends clean. Brilliant effect!

-Linking bands
Effect: Two borrowed rubber bands link.
My thoughts: This is a variation on a classic. It is completely impromptu. You may need to watch the video a few times to understand how to do it. Ends clean and can be performed pretty much surrounded. Will use this but I still prefer 'The missing link' by Chris Kenner.

-Torn card transpo
Effect: A torn card is placed in the spectators hand. Another card is dropped on the table and visually turns into four pieces. The spectator opens their hand and the card inside is restored.
My thoughts: This trick is very visual and is great as it is completely impromptu so it needs no dupes. This works best when seated at a table but can be performed standing. Can be performed pretty much surrounded. Ends clean (in a very awesome way!). I probably will not do this myself but I'm sure some of you will. Excellent routine.

-earphone penetration
Effect: A pair of borrowed earphones melt through themselves.
My thoughts: This is a brilliant impromptu trick that can be performed pretty much anywhere with any earphones. The method is pretty simple. Can be performed surrounded and ends clean. I will be doing this for sure.

-iPhone unlock 1
Effect: The spectator guesses your iPhone passcode and gets it right.
My thoughts: If you have an iPhone you will perform this. It is very easy and pretty much impromptu and no apps are needed.

-iPhone unlock 2
Effect: You place your iPhone on the table. You hover your hand above the screen and it unlocks itself.
My thoughts: This is not as strong as the previous effect, but Calen says you could do this with a friend or family member's phone after seemingly reading their mind to get their passcode (which would be very strong). This works.

-impromptu ring flight
Effect: You place your keys in your friend's hand. You then vanish your ring which then appears on the keys.
My thoughts: This is a completely impromptu ring flight. I think this is shown in the trailer. It is not as deceptive on camera as it is in person. It is very bold but I am sure it can be done. Calen gives lots of tips on how to pull this off. Nice for a casual setting as it can be done with objects you have on you.

Overall this is an excellent lecture. Calen also talks a bit about some of his YouTube videos, creativity and branding. He is not particularly talkative at the beginning and his shades can get a bit annoying but this does not get in the way of teaching any of the effects. The lecture is shot in great quality, and everything is performed and explained well. Three of the effects are on function 9 (as mentioned above) so it is up to you if you think it is still worth it, in my opinion, it is. If you don't have function 9 and you like the look of this, GET IT! All of the effects are practical and are performable. If you buy the August 2016 at the table live lecture you can get this with the other brothers lecture for only $2 more (which is what I did and recommend). This is a great lecture for a crazy good price. I am VERY satisfied with my purchase.




I have watched this lecture so many times! It's golden and inspires so much creativity. Being someone who is in coffee shops a lot, the straw trick was worth the cost of the lecture by itself and that was just one trick.




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