Bicycle Short Deck

Deck of cards by United States Playing Card Company
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Bicycle Short Deck

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Deck of cards by United States Playing Card Company (From $7.75)

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This deck is a regular Bicycle Rider back deck. All the cards in this deck have been shortened a fraction of an inch. Similar to a Svengali deck.

Available in Red or Blue backs


Customer reviews for Bicycle Short Deck

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The short deck is an economical way of getting yourself a full deck of short cards for producing a variety of gaffs decks and also for a supply of a single card for use in other decks for easy controls!

Saves time rather than shaving your own cards, though I can do that myself in a pinch.



I am really pleased with the Bicycle Short Deck that I bought from Vanishing Inc and would recommend them. I bought this deck to use some of the cards in other decks that I have bought to make up tricks. They fit in perfectly, of course, and are easy to shuffle. I went for the blue-backed deck and will probably be buying a red-backed deck before too long!



I needed this for a specific trick I was working on and it’s just what I needed. Great price. So many uses.



Great deck, I like to use these to make up my own trick decks it's so easy, weather you use one of these cards or several, always cuts to these cards once inserted into a regular rider bicycle deck.



The "Bicycle Short Deck (Red)" is a great deck of cards for card enthusiasts and magicians looking to create something new or give a twist to Svengali tricks. The red color adds a pop of color to any routine and the deck is durable, shuffles well, and the cards are easy to handle. Overall, a great deck for the price.



This is a great deck, as
It's great what you can acheive, when you use short cards either in a regular deck, or certain gaffed decks.



I think every magician must have these cards. Many things can be done



I bought this along with a "One Way Forcing Deck" so I could make my own "Reverse Svengali Deck", worked perfectly!



Short cards can of course be easily made, but the value here is getting a deck of them all perfectly cut the same way. I bought it for making a Svengali deck which I'd advise you to as well, or a Mirage deck if you have any roughing equipment. Alternately, think of a new kind of gaffed deck and make it yourself, if you want to get into making gimmicked decks, this is essential.


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  • John asks: What are some resources for ideas about the uses of the short deck? Any books or chapters in books?

    • 1. Dottore answers: Nothing that I can think of, but look up Svengali decks and Mene-Tekel decks for some ideas.
    • 2. Donald answers: Titanic Deck by Titanas.
    • 3. Kevin answers: Encyclopaedia of Card Tricks Chapter 17
    • 4. Charito answers: You can use any card of these deck to make a riffle force in another deck, or make a reverse svengali deck.
    • 5. MAXIMILIANO answers: Search for the Svengali tricks book in the topic. Flawless.
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  • Matthew asks: Do you sell short decks that are blank both sides?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Unfortunately not.
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