Deluxe Close-Up Pad

Accessory by Murphy's Magic Supplies
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Deluxe Close-Up Pad

14.95 usd

Accessory by Murphy's Magic Supplies (From $14.95)

In stock. Order now — we'll send it first thing Friday morning
Deluxe Close-Up Pad - magic
Deluxe Close-Up Pad Deluxe Close-Up Pad Deluxe Close-Up Pad

Murphy's Deluxe Line of Close-Up Pads contain the thickest, high-quality inner cushion on the market today. This extra thick cushion makes it super-easy to pick up coins, cards, or any other object you're using in your performance. Each Deluxe Pad includes a high quality non-skid rubber bottom, extra thick inner-cushion, and our signature high quality fabric top. Available in two sizes and multiple colors.

  • Acid-dyed fabric top
  • Thick non-slip back
  • Extra thick, dense inner cushion
  • Brilliant colors will not run or fade
  • Easy to clean
  • Won't crease or tear

Community questions about Deluxe Close-Up Pad

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  • Rasmus asks: Are the measures in inch or centimetres?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are in inches.
  • Joel asks: Are these thicker and / or more cushioned than a mouse pad ?

    • 1. Tony answers: They are thicker than a regular mouse pad
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  • John asks: What are the measurements length and width?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Click the green *Select option & add to cart* button, and you will see the length and width options in the dropdown menu.
  • Alexander asks: Is the surface like that of a mouse pad, or is rather a plush fabric? Thanks.

    • 1. Tony answers: The surface is more like a mouse pad
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  • Kieran asks: I have three questions 1) Can i roll this mat up without creasing/ damaging it? 2) is it well made and durable? 3) is it suitable to perform coin matrix routines, as they normally work better on a more "spongy" pad?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: 1) Yes, but don't roll it super tight—a loose roll is great. 2) Yes. 3) The top surface us very spongy, with the rubber base being more resilient. I have no troubles doing coin work on it.
  • William asks: Which one is better? This or the V&B close-up pads?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is no comparison. The Deluxe Close-Up Pad is a budget based pad that is mass produced. The V&B pad is a handmade work of art lovingly crafted by artisans.
  • Jeffrey asks: I have a table that requires a half-circle closeup pad. I have measurements of the exact shape. Is this something that can be custom made? - Thanks!

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Check these out:
  • A asks: how well does this work with black art

    • 1. Tod answers: I purchased this pad with black art in mind. My black art coin is completely invisible on this pad. Of course, you do not want a light source directed at the pad. With that said, this is an excellent pad. Best one I have ever purchased. Hope this helps.
    • 2. Dottore answers: That would depend on your black art material and the lighting.
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  • David asks: Are the ones advertised the thicker deluxe pads please?

    • 1. Tony answers: That's correct
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  • Ashwin asks: Whether, The top surface is rough or smooth?. Will it scratch cards?. Is the top surface is velvet?.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The top is very soft and will not damage and props. It is not velvet but more of a soft felt.
  • Avery asks: How thick is the deluxe pad in inches?

    • 1. Jim answers: 8mm thick. I'm sure that the internet will help you interpret that in inches.
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Customer reviews for Deluxe Close-Up Pad



By far the best closeup pad I have ever owned. I can't wrinkle it. I stuff it in my bag and it comes out perfect. Think enough to cushion anything I put on it yet firm enough to hold anything I put on it from a glass of wine to a prop.



I have to agree with Michael. This is by far the sweetest close-up pad I have ever purchased. I was in the casino business for 29 years so the beautiful green color of the mat really lends itself to gambling routines. Don't spend 50 bucks or more on a pad...Murphy's Magic close up mats are the best. These mats have superior feel and texture.



Hello all. I just received my new "Deluxe Close-Up Pad". WOW! I have had many pads in my days. I have been associated with magic for about 56 years. Much like Vernon I wasted the first 5 years of my life. ; ) This is by far the best pad that I have ever seen and/or touched. This is so well made, so well padded and topped. Wonderful. This is also extremely well priced. The pad cost less than other pads I have gotten from my local magic store, which were much thinner, and lower quality. I am so pleased, I can hardly contain myself. Now I really look forward to the suede pads. Well done Andi, Jay, and Vanishing Inc personnel.



These pads are excellent. I bought a 2nd one in case, for some reason, they are no longer produced. Green is the best color to choose. Why? Google "why are casino tables green?" I find the colors blue or red to be unnatural and distracting, and black is not very inviting. People love running the palms of their hands over these pads, and quite often compliment them. Unless you need a hard base, these are the ones to get!



Just reviewed the "Economy" version of this pad ... ordered 1 of each for comparison. This thickness and weight of this Deluxe pad is unheard of ... between my engineering calipers and a ruler, this comes in at about 3/8" or 9mm. When you womp this beast down on the table for your show the audience knows you mean business! This will never wrinkle, warp, bend or slide around, plus at this thickness it optically "elevates" your show from the table, distinguishes it from the surroundings. I agree with other reviews ... this is certainly firm, but not too hard and not too soft ... Mama Bear, Papa Bear, Baby Bear ... it's just right :) But pick & choose for your show ... if some coin/card routines call for softer for better pickup, have multiple pads on the table. For this price, however, this is the easiest gamble/experiment you will ever make. I estimated the Economy was about a $50 pad up here in Canada, and no idea what this monster would sell for, never seen anything like it.



Beautiful pad. Top-Notch quality. I got the green one for a change. They are so smooth and take my performances to the next level. These are great for Zoom shows too. Highly recommend these pads for anyone performing close-up magic.



Great pad, delivers as advertised. Inexpensive in price but not in quality.



This is simply put a fantastic product. I bought the deluxe largest possible matt in red and it only came to £18.00 which is far cheaper than any other products on the market for its size. The finish is immaculate, the deluxe cushioning works great for cups and balls, card magic and coin matrixes. It's incredibly soft and spongey and I even use it when working on my laptop.

Anyone without a matt should definitely buy this product.



WOW! This Close Up Pad is a worker's dream. I was really looking for a new, good pad because the only one that works for the specific magic effects I do finally died. I was crushed because I needed this specific shade of black for some of my work and POW, a perfect match. The depth this pad has for cushion is excellent. Really nice give to the pad and not too much bounce back. I am so happy to have found such a quality pad at such an inexpensive price. Quality and price, what more can you ask for?



This is an excellent close up magic pad. I got the bigger version and am glad that I did. Works great on my table when I'm doing parlor/stage magic or close up table magic. A definite must have for any magician.



These are really good quality pads. Of course that they can't be compared with fancy and expensive pads.
The depth of the deluxe version is very nice and should be fine for any routine. If you just need a nice pad, you will probably be happy with it.



If you are looking for a pad. This is the one. Thick and heavy duty.



I have owned close up pads dating from the 70's and this by far is the best I have ever used ! First of all, the quality of the pad is top notch. Some of the early ones I owned, had to be replaced quite frequently. Not this one. Now on usability compared to my early ones, there is no comparison. Card manipulation is effortless. The pad never "gets in the way". Whatever I want to do with the cards, the pad accommodates. I got the red one as that is a traditional pad for me, all of mine have been red. It just looks great and works well. I highly recommend it !



Extremely high quality. I use them every single day. The price is right too. You can't go wrong with these.



OK, I was worried about this one. Would it be thick enough? Would it have a good surface material? I am very pleased with it. I would highly recommend this. This is a great mat at a fair price. I am asking myself why I waited so long to replace my old mat. I am glad I did.



This is a fantastic pad, especially for the price! I bought the green pad. It is much thicker than my past pads. Most of my older pads started peeling on the corners. This one does not look like it will do that, but I haven't had it long. It rolls up easily to take with me which is the main reason I bought it. I wanted a pad to carry around with me.



The Murphy's Magic Deluxe Close-up pad is a good option for card work. This is a heavy duty pad with three layers offered at a very reasonable price. The bottom neoprene layer is extremely thick. The center foam layer is moderately thick and certainly adequate to provide enough cushion for table sleights. The surface layer is a looped fabric which most will likely love. My only complaint with looped fabrics on close-up pads is that my dry hands can sometimes get snagged on the loops. ( I play guitar and my finger tips are always a bit rough and calloused. ) Otherwise, the pad feels great and seems like it should hold up well. I'm happy with the purchase.



I purchased a green 17 X 24 pad. The quality, size, and thickness are really good. However, I find the pad surface to be too hard and slick for card work that uses tabled riffle shuffles. I find the surface of the pad great for coins though. My search for the perfect affordable pad continues...



Took a chance with this and not happy. The material isn't like the classic Gibson close-up pad, but it's more like a mousepad/scuba material. It feels like a giant mousepad. It's too smooth for some card work and snags on your fingers/rough skin. The underlying padding is thick and feels nice.

Green is usually a great color for close-up pads, but this shade of green is a bit too bright -- perhaps the material reflects more light than the classic material. I like a plusher, darker looking green and this didn't cut it. I will delegate this for rough practice. but it won't be good for performances.

Deluxe Close-Up Pad by Murphy's Magic Supplies