Economy Close-Up Pad

Accessory by Murphy's Magic Supplies
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Economy Close-Up Pad

6.95 usd

Accessory by Murphy's Magic Supplies (From $6.95)

In stock.

Murphy's Economy Line of Close-Up Pads contain a non-slip back, a high-quality fabric top and a high-quality inner-cushion. Murphy's Economy Pad is extremely affordable and will last you years. Available in two sizes and multiple colors.

  • Acid-dyed fabric top
  • Non-slip back
  • Dense inner cushion
  • Brilliant colors will not run or fade
  • Easy to clean
  • Won't crease or tear

Customer reviews for Economy Close-Up Pad



Very impressed with the quality, doen't retain crimps and is easy cleaned



very pleased with this close up pad.


Matthew B

I think I might actually like these eco pads more than I like the deluxe version. The colors seem a little deeper, too. If you have any doubt about the value of this close up pad, I can assure you it's far better than the price suggests.



First purchase from Vanishing Inc. but long time amateur magician, Ring #92, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Met Joshua when he was in his teens (?) at a PCAM conference up here, back in the early 2000's (?) ... he was the hit of the entire event.

Been limping along with several close-up pads for way too long. Covid-19 ... was a good time to sort through the magic boxes ... dust off, keep, pitch, upgrade. Just for comparison I ordered the "Economy" and the "Deluxe" (will review separately). WOW. These are both amazing. The Economy is easily a $50 pad up here, but the finish, thickness and weight are even better. I know Vanishing Inc. won't be able retire on selling on a few pads here & there, but if this is any indication of their corporate values to carry the best products, then they will get & retain customers, and I will easily come back and make this my go-to #1 source. They check all the boxes ... value, quality, selection, customer support, and shipping. Thanks.



Good quality close up mat, at a low price, what more could you want?
I cut some board and glued the mat to it, and use it for my street magic set, perfect!



These are great pads--I have a couple of them, in two different thicknesses. Colors are nice, they don't wrinkle, and they don't seem to crease. The surface is closer to that of a mousepad than the traditional velvety close-up pad, but I kind of like that.



This is my close up pad and it is awesome!
I got the cheapest and smallest one and I love it! The thickness and the surface is great, and you can easily pack it into your backpack if you need.
The only thing that you need to be aware is that the 16x11 pad is not wide enough for table spread.



The best close up ever! I love it very much!)



This pad is an amazing product. It has all you need for your close up pad. It is soft and is the perfect thickness. I bought the economy and the smallest. I don't see why you would want anything but the economy, but I could see you getting a bigger one. I am very happy with my purchase.



I am a bit of a close-up pad junkie. I have six Murphy's Magic Close up pads in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and colors, I have three TCC Hard-backed pads, one small Pattrick's Mat that folds in half, a "Vanishing Inc Giant Close-up Pad," another small roll-up pad that Ive had for years and a couple of large hard-backed padded table tops that I made for a busking table. I enjoy all the pads and surfaces and use them for different scenarios. While the Murphy's Magic Economy Close-up Pad is certainly not my favorite pad, I like it for what it is. If you don't currently have a close-up pad and are looking for something economical that is easy to transport for your first pad, Any of the Murphy's Magic Close-up Pads would be a good place to start. However I would recommend either the Standard or the Deluxe over the Economy version. The Economy Version has the neoprene backing and a thin fabric top layer, but lacks the center foam layer that the other two versions have. These other two versions provide more cushion and work better for false table shuffles and so forth. But if you only need a surface to keep your cards clean that works for simple ribbon spreads etc. this is great for that. And it will likely hold up for a long time because there is no center foam layer to break down or become wrinkled.


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  • David asks: What’s the size of the economy close up pad

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    • 2. Sarjan answers: 11.4 inches
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