Kennedy Half Dollars (Roll of 20 Coins)

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Kennedy Half Dollars (Roll of 20 Coins)

22.50 usd

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Out of stock. New stock expected approximately Friday, April 19, 2024
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A popular coin amongst magicians is the American half dollar. They are sometimes tricky to get hold of (especially if you don't live in the US), so here we offer a roll of 20 coins, which should be enough for most coin tricks!


Note that there are no instructions or gaffs in this set; just 20 regular half dollar coins.

The dates on the coins are random. Specific date choices are not available.


Customer reviews for Kennedy Half Dollars (Roll of 20 Coins)



Great coins for a variety of tricks, come in the bank paper coin rolls. A good selection of worn and newer coins. Would recommend, a little expensive but difficult to get hold of so happy to pay the price. Would recommend.



If you're a coin worker, this is an excellent and affordable way to get your hands on a bunch of genuine Kennedy half dollars. The coins may not all be visually the same, from dates to tarnish, so be forewarned if you're looking for a set of 20 perfectly identical halves. If you can look past that, get these now!



Normal half dollars. These are usually the size of coins people like to work with. Only downside is paying twice the amount of the face value of the coin but hey, you get it in a roll sorted out for you so no complaints.



They are half dollars. Many people work with quarters, or dollars, or Chinese coins, or whatever, but I really like half dollars and it feels pretty good to have plenty of half dollars to work with. They are a perfect weight and excellent quality.



Bought these and they did not disappoint. Great condition Kennedy half dollars for all coin routines.



They are perfect for sleight of hand coin magic



Good coins ...


Community questions about Kennedy Half Dollars (Roll of 20 Coins)

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  • Joel asks: Hello, a the American half dollars pictured, the ones available for purchase. Are they genuine Kennedy half dollars ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They are genuine half dollars. The exact variety and date is mixed, however.
    • 2. Timothy answers: You will most likely NOT get the ones pictured. The 1964 half dollars are the only Kennedy Halves to be 90% silver and worth way more than 50cents each (also more valuable than with the V.I. mark up).
  • Carl asks: Have these coins been in circulation.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Some.
  • Andrew asks: 20 US half dollars total a whopping 10 bucks... so just why do you think you should get a 400% markup..? I will be thinking about supporting a real brick and mortar Shope from here on out , not because of the cost of these coins, but also because I have seen a decline in expediency in receiving orders.. ya sure blame the Post Office.. No... I think it has something behind the philosophy of a 400%markup!!

    • 1. Ron answers: There are alternatives to buying Kennedy half-dollars from Vanishing-Inc. You could always buy the coins at a bank, local coin shop, or online, but then there are costs involved, such as having to buy gas as you drive about town, or paying for shipping costs if you purchase online. I think 85 cents per coin is a pretty good deal—and they'll ship it right to your house! I collect Walking Liberty and Kennedy halves, and I just paid $14 for an uncirculated 1967 Kennedy Half Dollar (40% silver). Best of luck in your search.
    • 2. Andrew answers: I inadvertently hit the wrong character twice times.. it should have read 200% markup!,!,
    • 3. William answers: I think it has to do with the hard d to get purchasing Kennedy Halfs. I have tried to find them without going to bank. And all get get is then” coin shortage “ story
    • 4. Dan answers: The price here is lower than that listed by most coin dealers on eBay. There's naturally a fee for the trouble and up-front expense of splitting a box of 1000, which they often have to order two at a time, and in any case, it's typical to sell items at a 50% margin. Much less than that and it's not worth the time to put up a listing, sell the item, and process orders. Is this roll a good deal? As Ron said, that depends on whether you have another good source. Though the bank near my previous address often had rolls, the one by me now doesn't offer them, so I'm getting mine here. If you have a better route, great. But this price is well within the usual range.
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  • Diego asks: Where’s the order button?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: You can click "Add to Cart"
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