Invisible Writer

Accessory by Vernet Magic
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Invisible Writer

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Accessory by Vernet Magic (18.00)

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**Vernet Magic has the most complete line of writers. But there was one missing, until now -- a writer undetectable under conditions of high scrutiny.

We're proud to present:

Invisible Writer by Esteban Manazza**

It allows new handlings that make the writer "Invisible"

  • New and original model
  • No sticky stuff, no glue, no blu tac
  • The perfect balance between size and stability
  • Ultra-safe
  • Comfortable
  • Perfect grip
  • It includes a video download with complete instructions

Grease lead 4mm
Pencil lead 2mm

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Customer reviews for Invisible Writer



I got multiple thumb-writers and i have to say, the Invisible Writer is the best. The tutorial to it also well done (how to load the thumb-writer etc...). It is my go to for spontanious mental/prediction tricks (super combo with Memdeck!), there´s no fumbling around, the loading is quick, the writer pretty much undetectable, it´s always in my pocket.



This is my favourite writer. The feel is, to me, organic and intuitive. As a beginner it was the first tool that helped me to actually amaze other people, and make me feel that mentalism was an amazing hobby to have.


Laura Bautista

The invisible writer is a great tool. Unlike other brands of the same type of instrument, this one hides in plain sight from the viewer, it is super comfortable to use (it fits all finger sizes, which is appreciated given that I have very small hands and do not usually I can use this type of devices) and it also achieves super efficient effects. I assume that there will be refills available and if not, in the case of the Pencil Invisible Writer, they are quite easy to replace. There is no con to this great product, basic for mentalists.



This is the holy grail of swami gimmicks. Buy it sight unseen.



The product is under twenty dollars. I've tried many writers of all shapes and sizes but I have thin long fingers and have not found a writer that I can use with fine control until I came across this one! At the end of the day, there's only so many ways a writer could look like/function. This offers the additional benefit of being able to slip the gimmick off and on with ease. The benefit of having the gimmick 'loaded' at nearly all times is perfect.

However, the instruction video is rather short/barebones (11 minutes) and only covers how to get in and out of the gimmick and how to use the gimmick. For ideas, I would pick up a copy of "The Nail Writer Anthology" by Thomas Baxter. Overall, every mentalist should learn how to use a writer and for me, this is the writer I'll keep. The replacement of lead seems simple enough and I see this writer lasting for a long time.



This is the first writer of any kind I've tried, so I can't compare it to anything. What I can do is tell you if you follow the instructions in the video, you'll be blowing minds! One second it's there, the next second it's in standby, completely invisible.
It took around an hour of practice moving it from one position to another, and another hour to make it a casual movement. The writing actually took less effort than I thought.
Today, I brought it to work with me. One of our customers brought up "mind stuff", so I wrote down a prediction, and laid it under a pen where everyone could see it. Then I proceeded to do a short "Dead or Alive" routine, revealing the name of the dead person he wrote out of a dozen or so alive names. But the sucker-punch got him when I picked up the folded prediction I made, prior to even telling him what I was going to do, revealing, "**** will think of the name Carrol." I thought he might pass out, lol.
My next order will probably include the grease pencil version of this killer, little, gem!



Can be worn on the hand during a long performance without drawing attention to a gimmick.
Hides in plain view.
Comes in lead or grease versions to suit your needs.
Fits extremely well with no fear of falling off.
It can be removed with just a little twitch of your finger.
No fumbling needed to load the gimmick from your pocket.
Instruction video is excellent with many different ideas and presentation styles.
Can be used as a hard hitting mind reading prediction routine.


Community questions about Invisible Writer

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Ron asks: Any reason why it simply cannot be shown? The logic is, no secret is being given away, and writers are always a tentative issue.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The secret is the overall design—which should be considered a valuable part of the purchase. Keep in mind that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you buy the Invisible Writer and are unhappy with it, you can return it for a store credit.
    • 2. Paul answers: Vanishing INC, can you please confirm that the fact its 'invisible' is not in a process of the writing, but the actual design of the product ? I can't find any information on this product and I have the same question as above.
  • Kenneth asks: Does this come with BOTH the lead version and grease version, or is that an option upon purchasing?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: When adding to cart, you select an option.
  • Romy asks: What is the size of the pencil leads? I know what to buy for the ReFill! Thank you for your kind reply

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: The pencil leads are 2mm
  • shaun asks: Where can we buy the refills for this product?

    • 1. Garry answers: Check out Magicorthodoxy he does pro magic reviews, you get a glimpse and a detailed review on this.
    • 2. Garry answers: Check out Magicorthodoxy he does pro magic reviews, you get a glimpse and a detailed review on this.
    • 3. Aaron answers: Full refills do not appear to be available. If you want replacement leads, they should be available at an art store, or a well stocked stationary or office supply store. Look for 2mm pencil lead or 4mm grease lead.
    • 4. Garry answers: Check out Magicorthodoxy he does pro magic reviews, you get a glimpse and a detailed review on this.
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