Professional's Magic Wand

Trick by Murphy's Manufacturing
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Professional's Magic Wand

14.95 usd

Trick by Murphy's Manufacturing (14.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.

The Professional's Wand features a hand-waxed and polished ebony handle with sliver tips. We searched for the perfect length, diameter, and weight for handling, spinning and stick vanishes. These wands are perfectly balanced and will look elegant in any setting. Each wand comes in its own velvet drawstring bag and includes a cleaning cloth.


  • 1 ebony wand with silver tips
  • 1 velvet drawstring bag
  • 1 cleaning cloth
  • 13.5 inches in length
  • 3/8 inch diameter

Customer reviews for Professional's Magic Wand



I was pleasantly surprised by this. For the price it is decent quality. The wood looks and feels nice and the metal ends give it as a satisfying weight to allow it o balance and handle well. Another nice little addition to Murphy's growing range of classic magic items.



This is my first wand so far. I didn't know what to look for in a great wand, but I think for the price, this one is perfect. It's got a decent weight to it, and feels smooth to hold. The color of the wand is not gloss, but a flat finish which i think looks REALLY GOOD. i did alot of research on wands and wanted one that would be perfect for a beginner and i hit the jackpot here. I was looking for some gimmick wands and when I saw this one, I almost past it up, but I'm glad I didn't. The only negative to this wand, IMO, is the length. It's perfect length BUT i wish it came apart in the middle, but that was NOT a deal breaker. It comes with a cloth and a nice blag which I really like. It fits in my bag, just not where I'd like it be, but I made room for it. Vanishing is definitely one of my three favorite sites to shop on, and I definitely will be purchasing more items in the near future (even tho my wife says I have enough) also, I fully recommend this item to anyone searching for a wand, especially a beginner!



This is a really great wand with a nice feel to it and has good weight. The size is nice, maybe a little bit on the long end but it spins well and isn't too heavy or light. It comes with a bag which is nice. Would recommend.



Love this wand. Excellent build quality. The weight is perfect for wand spins. The design is sleek, smooth and professional. I have collection of wands and this is one of my favourites. Great product for a great price. Highly recommend this product. Get it!



Another bargain from vanishing Inc! The production quality is fantastic. This wand is quite weighty, much better than I had imagine and comes with a clean cloth and velvet sleeve. Bought primarily to use with a cups and ball routine, but will likely use with other wand magic tricks found in Tarbell Volume 6 I believe.



Outstandingly excellent, I was so excited to receive this and it doesn’t disappoint. It is really nicely weighted and will compliment my cups and balls routine. The wand is actually a very dark brown colour which looks really good as it appears to be made from wood. The finish on the metal ends could be slightly better but nothing that autosol metal polish won’t solve. For the price you can’t go wrong and the weight is perfect. Another quality product from VI. I would recommend as this is an affordable product that doesn’t disappoint.



That's a steal at that price! Well made wand, the balance is very good, feels really good in your hands. Wand spins roll easily, the tips look nice!



This is an amazing wand for the price.

It’s heavier than I expected, and feels nice and solid in the hands. It’s slim and perfectly balanced for wand spins and the all the usual moves.

The cleaning cloth and drawstring bag are a nice touch.

Overall, you can’t get a better quality wand for the price. The only downside for me is that it is one single piece, rather than a wand which unscrews at the middle. However this is a minor gripe and I was fully aware of what I’d purchased.



I’ve been on a little wand kick, and this is my favorite wand so far. I haven’t gone after any in the $50+ range, so I can’t compare this to the super high end items, but for wands under $50, I haven’t found anything better.

What I like best are the proportions. It’s not too long and not too thick. My second favorite wand was a lot cheaper, made out of plastic and brass tips. It’s nicely weighted, but it’s really thick - more for stage maybe. This wand is the perfect thickness. The proportions also make it weighted like a dream. The metal tips are beautiful and seem to be solid, rather than caps. This weight distribution allows for a thumb spin that is so slow motion, it looks like a magic trick on its own. Finally, the wood middle is exquisite. I wasn’t expecting it to be actual ebony wood since that is becoming more rare, but if it’s synthetic or imitation ebony, I can’t tell at all. It feels and looks like the most premium ebony wood that I’ve seen on expensive guitar fretboards.

The only possible negative I could see people giving this is that it doesn’t unscrew apart. It’s only solid piece. For me, I like that about it, and it fits nicely in my case. On top of all this, it comes with a drawstring bag and a polishing cloth. In terms of price to quality, this might be the best value magic item I’ve ever purchased. I’ll use this for life. It feels that durable.



Beautiful product! Highly recommend.
The wand has a nice weight to it making it good for wand spins, really nice in the hand and the ebony has a very smooth finish. The tips are just right and set the wand off quite nicely!
The velvet bag and cleaning cloth are nice editions and go well with the wand.
Well worth the price!



Finally, a wand exists that is a very nice slim, sleek, smooth, and very well made weighted wand!
Hoorah to Murphy Magic for creating such a nice wand and Vanishing, Inc. for selling it! My favorite wand of many I have purchased!



Excellent weight, nice tool, wish the bag had a secondary pocket for the cleaning cloth. But all together 13 out of 5 Stars/Cards



Very nice! Slim, elegant, weighty and incredible for wand twirls. But it breaks pretty easily and the metal isn’t attached too well to the wooden base.



Nice weight price and handles well


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  • Edgardo asks: What material is the wand made of?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Wood, with metal tips.
  • Rodney asks: Is it one piece or two?

    • 1. Jim answers: One.
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