Sanibel Card Case

Accessory by Eric Richardson
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Sanibel Card Case

74.95 usd

Accessory by Eric Richardson (74.95)

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An elegant and luxurious handmade playing card case that is a must for any sophisticated performer.

Eric Richardson is a master crafter that has been making luxurious card cases and other fine goods for years. His cases have become cherished possessions for anyone in the small group of magicians that has had the pleasure of owning one. Now, thanks to a special agreement with Eric, Vanishing Inc. is thrilled to offer you the chance to get your hands on one of Eric’s masterpieces.

Crafted by hand in France, the “Sanibel Card Case” is a limited edition release inspired by Eric’s fondest memories growing up along the beaches of Florida’s west coast. It’s named after his favorite Southwestern Florida island and was designed to embody the laid-back atmosphere and natural beauty of the Sanibel Island.

Each “Sanibel Card Case'' is made from natural vegetable-tanned leather and with eco-friendly stains. It’s innovative design has no rivets, glue or other non-biodegradable parts.

While you may be tempted to keep this pocket-sized piece of art on display, please know that it’s designed to be used. The “Sanibel Card Case” is as durable as it is stylish. It fits nearly an poker-size deck of cards, from standard Bicycle Playing Cards to a variety of custom playing cards, and has been built to be your everyday carry.

As each “Sanibel Card Case” is handcrafted with care, quantities are extremely limited.

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Customer reviews for Sanibel Card Case



Just received two Sanibel cases. Black and medium brown. Both exquisite. I really like the design. Especially the method for the flap. I’m pleased that there’s no glue being used since I plan on carrying the cards in my pocket daily and body heat degrades glue over time. I would have been okay with stitching with the design but was pleasantly surprised at the clever method for keeping the case together. The cards (in box) fit perfectly. The leather is quality and should last forever. It doesn’t have the overpowering smell that some leather dyes emit. The shipment actually arrived a day ahead of schedule. I’ll be ordering a couple more colors in the future. Thanks.



Just got mine in the mail and it’s beautiful. I know I’ll be carrying cards in here for a LONG time to come. Classy, understated, and we’ll made. You can tell Eric is passionate & precise about his work. It’s likely I’ll be getting a spare in the very near future.



The cheapest leather card case I have ever seen. Most certainly not worth the price. Very low quality leather and workmanship. There is a slit across the face of the case, that serves absolutely no purpose. I could not be more disappointed. A flimsy piece of junk. Don't waste your time or money.


Community questions about Sanibel Card Case

Have a question about this product? It's possible others do too. Ask here and other Vanishing Inc. Magic customers will be able to respond with assistance! Alternatively, email us and we can help too.

  • Richard asks: Does the deck and card box fit inside this leather case?

    • 1. Eric Richardson (creator) responds: Yes! The Sanibel Card Case is made so that your normal card box easily slides inside and is protected.
  • Mike asks: "It fits nearly an poker-size deck of cards" - did you mean, "It fits nearly all poker-size decks of cards"? And if so, why might there be a poker-sized deck that doesn't fit?

    • 1. Markus answers: I think they want to know whether it holds cards+cardbox (cards I side a box,the box inside the leather case) or if you put the lose cards without a deck box into this.
    • 2. Eric Richardson (creator) responds: Hi Mike, Nearly any Poker size deck (including its card box) fit in this case. It says “nearly” because there are some high end/collector decks that have uniquely large or oversized card boxes that may not fit easily. But normal/typical card boxes work fine—which means pretty much all of them.
    • 1. Markus answers: I think they want to know whether it holds cards+cardbox (cards I side a box,the box inside the leather case) or if you put the lose cards without a deck box into this.
  • Peter asks: Slightly confused by the shape of the leather case. It seems to be noticeably wider than a normal deck, (i. e, height to width ratio). Is there a lot of spare room? Also, are there more pictures that show how the box opens? Does it open sideways? Or perhaps a top flap? Is it a box within a box, (like a cigar box?) is it lined? If so, with what? You’re asking a lot of money and giving very little info. One might say it’s an undernourished sell!

    • 1. Eric Richardson (creator) responds: Hi Peter, The leather case fits over the card box (like a sheath for a sword) and it has a top flap. It’s dimensions mirror the normal card box, but slightly larger so that the card box can be inserted into the case. While the card box can slide in and out, there is not an excessive amount of room. The case is not lined, but the inside is the same color as the outside. Unfortunately, I can’t upload any pictures here to show you the flap opening or a card box inside—the question & answer area doesn’t allow it. But I will see if V Inc. can add a pic or two to help answer your questions!
  • Scott asks: I can’t purchase it because it says it is still unavailable even though you emailed me that it is back in stock.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It was back in stock, but as we said in the email, they're hand-made and we didn't have many in stock. If you put in your details where it says "Email me when this is back in stock", you'll get an automated email the second we have more stock. Sorry for the disappointment - but it is worth the wait!
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