Secret Device

Accessory by and David De-Val
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Secret Device

65.00 usd

Accessory by and David De-Val (65.00)

In stock - very few available.

A secret device inspired directly by Houdini's favorite escape tool.

Brought to you by master escape artist David De-Val, "Secret Device" allows you to quickly escape from regulation police handcuffs. It's super easy to conceal and simple to use.

"Secret Device" was modeled after the same device Harry Houdini used to gain fame and fortune during his infamous "police challenges." Featuring some key improvements, you can now open handcuffs faster then ever.

This self-contained device is precision crafted to last a lifetime. It's especially useful for escape artists that want to pursue "police challenges" similar to what Houdini once did. Pair "Secret Device" with "Gimmick X" and you'll be prepared to escape from nearly any regulation restraint.


Customer reviews for Secret Device



The secret device answers the question, what do you do as an escape artist when faced with a set of unusual and elderly handcuffs? Houdini was prepared. Houdini had the means to open effectively any handcuffs when he would challenge the audience to restrain him. He was ready for any set of handcuffs that were not home manufactured and even some of them too. Now, with the secret device, you can be ready for a specific genre of handcuff that some clever or sadistic audience member may use to try and foil your escape. A fine example of this was shown in the movie "Houdini" starring Tony Curtis. A rowdy audience member locked Houdini in a pair of handcuffs that had no key and no keyhole. That was a movie; fiction and not reality. Houdini would have gotten out of that as he was always prepared.

The price may seem steep, but if you are doing handcuff challenges, this will pay for itself the first time you use it on stage. This may or may not be a reputation maker, but it sure is a reputation saver. trust me, if you are an escape artist, or if you take challenges, you always need a plan B. The secret device is your plan B.

The device is small. It weighs nothing and it will take up almost no room and is easily hidden where an audience member will never find it, but you can retrieve it at a moment's notice.

I recommend this device to all those magicians and escape artists who want to be prepared.


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