Stardust Retro Cardistry Trainers

Accessory by Magic Encarta
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Stardust Retro Cardistry Trainers

45.00 usd

Accessory by Magic Encarta (45.00)

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Stardust Retro Cardistry Trainers - magic
Stardust Retro Cardistry Trainers Stardust Retro Cardistry Trainers Stardust Retro Cardistry Trainers Stardust Retro Cardistry Trainers Stardust Retro Cardistry Trainers Stardust Retro Cardistry Trainers

The finest cardistry trainers available today. These special tools were designed exclusively to help you evolve, practice and create cardistry flourishes and moves.

Unlike others Magic Encarta trainers, these special Stardust Trainers combine fiberboards, resin, a unique metallic foil and a special liquid to create an ultra-luxurious, high-quality set of amazing trainers.

Tireless effort has been put into developing Stardust Retro Trainers, including laser cutting, spray polishing, sanding, polishing, fusing of the special foil not only on the surface but as well as around the edges and, of course, a lot of love. This is what makes them so unique and breathtaking.

Each set of Stardust Retro Cardistry Trainers is handcrafted. EXTREMELY LIMITED QUANTITIES AVAILABLE!


  • Perfect appearance, with shimmering foil look.
  • Both sides are designed with a curved screen, great handling and smooth for cardistry.
  • Unlike some other trainers on the market, the packets DO NOT STICK. Stardust Retro Trainers separate effortlessly, assisting you with fluid movements and a great handling experience.
  • These trainers are also washable, so you can directly stuff them into your pocket, backpack, without worrying about them getting dirty.

    5 STUNNING COLORS AVAILABLE: Gold, Silver, Blue, Red & Green

    Each set comes with 5 trainers and is wrapped in a matching colored bag.

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Customer reviews for Stardust Retro Cardistry Trainers



These are beautiful. Very well weighted. My only complaint is that they are so pretty I ordered a set of cheaper trainers. I didn't want to drop these and mess up their beauty!



5 of these weigh around 85 grams. 4 weigh 69 grams. average deck of cards weighs around 90g jokers included. 1 stack weighs 16g. 10 reg cards the same. so i thought this was cool, yes it looks pretty, but i find it useful for practicing certain shuffles, well, as well as really helping with knowing the aount of cards in my hand with out looking. 16g is 16g. now i can tell when 10 cards in my hand, which is cool. also powerful for dexterity, finger excercises. i got 2 decks just 2 mix the colors. price tag not so friendly. if you want a more authentic trainer. look for something leather and more flimsy/card like. these clank and bang. they kinda come off as a cardistry gimmicky thing, they are like a little cardistry trick on their own, so trainers, i say no, however they have many purposes.


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