Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad

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Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad - magic
Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad

A perfectly plush and soft surface for all your favorite card tricks, coin tricks and other magical effects.

Special baby-soft flannelette material fitted with high-density sponge offers perfect resilience and give. It is supported by sturdy and durable wood boards covered by black litchi grain leather to provide anti-slip and wear resistance.

Premium quality at a price any magician can afford.

Multiple colors and sizes available:

Mini Pad: 30cm x 20cm x 1.2cm (11.8in x 7.9in x .5in)

Small Pad: 40cm x 27cm x 1.2cm (15.7in x 10.6in x .5in)

Large Pad: 50cm x 34cm x 1.2cm (19.7in x 13.4in x .5in)

Colors: Blue, Red, Green & Black.


Community questions about Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad

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  • Ben asks: What are the dimensions?

    • 1. Ron answers: 30 x 20 CM or 40 x 27 CM
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  • Damian asks: are these just mats? Or do they have wood at the bottom, making them sturdy and not flimsy? As in, can they be folded or not

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They cannot be folded. The fabric and base material are covering hard wood boards.
  • Gregory asks: Are these mats made with real suede or faux suede? Thank you, Greg

    • 1. James answers: It is: Select baby special flannelette material.
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  • Joseph asks: Do you know when large blue close up pad will be back in stock?

    • 1. Tony answers: Please email for this kind of question
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  • Alexander asks: When compared to Dan & Dave’s Shuffle Pads, which size is closest to there’s? Furthermore, are they durable enough for carry-on travel and is the felt smooth and “glide-able”, much like Dan & Dave’s?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: These pad are really durable and a fantastic alternative. The small pad will probably be the closest in size.
  • Charles asks: There are three sizes in the ad and two in the options. What is being offered for sale? What is flannelette? Thanks.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are three in the options. Mini, small and large. Flannelette = A soft cotton fabric.
  • Paraskevas asks: I was just wondering what would you recommend for cleaning one of these Close Up mats in the case they get dirty?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: A lint roller works well
  • Jan asks: Can it handle the hold outs for Coffee Cop and beans routine? My pads are 14" x 17" is too small a stage for the effect.

    • 1. Jim answers: I don't think these will be heavy enough.
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Customer reviews for Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad



VERY classy looking pad! For me, not enough "give" to purse palm coins easily, but excellent for card work.



Very very impressed with the pad. Been looking for a hardback pad of the quality and value for a while. Would recommend to anybody



I purchased the large blue pad. It's the best pad I've ever owned. Great quality and very attractive. You obviously wouldn't want to use this for table hopping but at home it's perfect for all my needs. And you really can't beat the price at all. You can't find a quality pad like this for under 100 bucks. This is a steal.



I've owned a few close up pads that cost several times the price of this and still couldn't beat it on quality! I bought the red suede pad in the largest size for a really good price. The pad is sturdy on account of the wooden bottom and works really well for cups and balls, card magic and coin tricks. It also looks fantastic and I have to actively remind myself to use it as it looks so nice that I want to preserve it!

The finish is great and it will definitely suit any magicians who doesn't have a pad.



Some of the best on the market for the price. I have three in different sizes depending on if I'm traveling, hopping tables, or working in the classroom. I love them allot.



Classy, classy, classy, I got the small pad which is perfect for close-up magic. The best pad for the money you can buy super quality and the right amount of give. This is where I go to buy quality. Thank you guys for the fast service.



Great quality. Very smooth. Better than anticipated for the price.



A great quality pad, with a firm fixed base.



Perfection, literally cant beat this at the price.



Just received, red color, small size and super fast delivery as always.
PAD Fantastic, the color is really beautiful, soft and velvety.
For the price I paid I didn't expect it to be so well done.
Thanks to all the Vanishing staff, as always you manage to surprise our expectations.
I recommend it to everybody.



I currently own two of these, a "Mini" and a "Large", both in green. Thinking about buying a "Small" so I can have all three sizes. They look and feel great. I like the hard back feature. And the "pleather" covering on the bottom looks and feels quite convincing and helps it from not sliding on tables.

I had a pen accident that splattered black ink all over the Mini and I was amazed how well it cleaned up with water and a little hand soap.

I don't do much with coins so I can't speak to that but it is great with cards.



This is my second Close Up Pad. I really do not know how Vanishing Inc. can offer such high-quality pads for such inexpensive pricing. These pads are beautiful. Never thought I would ever have a pad like this for myself. This pad is luxurious and nice enough to feel like you are showing off. The pad give is just right. Cards, Sponges, or Chops/Cups and balls will have a luxury stay on this pad. I got the red pad because I always produce my sponges from the pad letting everyone know how clever I am to carry my sponges within the pad. I can hardly wait to show my pad off to the local magic club. Paint them with envy.



Brilliant value for money. The large size is perfect for card work, you can get a decent spread of cards across it. They feel and look like they cost a lot more than they do. The hard bottom feels durable and there is plenty of give in the cushioning to making lifting cards of the surface easy. If you’ve only ever had the cheap roll up mat then this is a perfect upgrade.



I got a few of these to give as gifts. They are amazing and very classy!



This might be the best pad I ever purchased. The quality is top notch and looks like a 200 mat. I would highly recommend this product!



Very happy with this - a great size and it looks super classy.



I got the mini pad, and its an excelent quality pad.



Having used a roll up mat for a while this was a huge upgrade at a great price and looks and feels amazing. Though I found the leather base slid on my table a bit managed to stick some rubber feet to keep in place and it's perfect



There are a million pads out there but for the money you really can't beat this one! It's a very high quality pad that you will be proud to work off of. I would say that it is more for card magic than for coin magic because it doesn't have quite enough give for coins in my opinion. Not to say that you can't do coin magic on it, you can. But for me a pad that gives just a little more makes coin magic a little easier. This is a very high quality pad that I would say would be worth it at $100 or more. I can't imagine someone getting this pad and not being extremely happy with it!



Absolutely top notch. I have just bought my 3rd one. Over the years I have bought many close up pads and have paid many more times as much. The materials and workmanship that TCC put into these pads is far above anything your going to find, for this price point and Beyond. And the reason I have bought 3 of these? I'm afraid someday, they won't be available anymore. All I can say is buy one.



I Usually use the roll up type pads. On a wild hair I ordered this green hard pad, IT'S GREAT!!!!!
Well worth it, great quality.

Suede Leather Plush Close-Up Magic Pad by TCC Presents