Trick by Brett Barry
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Trick by Brett Barry (From $17.95)

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It looks like an ordinary memo pad from your favorite office supply store, but beneath its unassuming exterior is hidden a fantastic secret which will allow you to perform hundreds of effects. This is the cleanest way to force any piece of information that you choose. It is simple, deceptive and hands-free!

You casually show all the pages of a notepad to be different (words, drawings, celebrities, destinations, foods, phone numbers, etc). Then, you hand the SvenPad to a spectator to secretly peek at just one item. Somehow, the performer INSTANTLY knows exactly what she is thinking. Use it to predict a celebrity, create a 'tossed-out deck' style routine with personal information, reveal a PIN number or perform a stunning confabulation routine. The SvenPad removes any risky or impractical methods and allows you to focus on your presentation, safe in the knowledge that the method WILL NEVER let you down. 

The SvenPad™ is easy to carry yet plays big, no matter what the environment is. The multitude of effects that are possible make it a must-have accessory for any magician and mentalist. 

The quality of the SvenPad is truly exceptional. All the short edges are precision trimmed to less than 1/16". To the naked eye, the difference in page size is almost imperceptible. The pad has been professionally tape bound with glossy card stock front and back and is supplied blank so that you can customize it however you like. Each package comes with full instructions and a phenomenal routine by Bob Cassidy.

  • Easy to do
  • Force any word or drawing
  • High quality
  • Professionally manufactured
For many years I've been helping develop original routines for our mentalism students here at Mystery School. Now thanks to Brett's SvenPads, we have a very practical addition to our tool kit! I've used this principle in past performances, but the new SvenPads are the best I've ever seen. They are a joy to work with.Jeff McBride - Las Vegas Headliner
The gimmicking is […] perfect and completely undetectable. In short, you are able to force ANYTHING, instantly and with the pad in the spectator’s hands. As I am sure you know, I much prefer classic methods and secrets for my routines. They are proven over time, cannot go wrong and are totally baffling if performed correctly. I cannot think of another prop that fits that bill as perfectly and is so versatile. It works flawlessly, fits into your pocket and can create as big an effect as your imagination is capable of developing.  Richard Osterlind
One of the most versatile and well made utility devices I have ever used. Highly recommended. I can attest that these pads are the best I've ever seen. To those who claim they can make them themselves- OF COURSE you can. But you'd have a hard time achieving the perfection Brett's pads offer. And you certainly wouldn't have the benefit of the performance material that comes with them. These have my highest recommendation. Bob Cassidy
Absolutely love SvenPads! Gotta give a shout out to Brett for his top notch customer service and saving me a ton of time as I used to make these by hand. Utility item with endless possibilities and one of the cleanest forces possible.Oz Pearlman
I reallly admire the quality of these. Certainly, you could make them yourself but I doubt that your skills come close to this craftsmanship! Card-Shark (Christian Schenk)
The SvenPad looks completely innocent and is fully customizable. It is so well crafted that the method is invisible. Definitely going in my walk around bag!"Craig Filicetti

Anyone ordering will receive a copy of Bob Cassidy’s “Scary Movie” routine that has been re-worked to be used with the SvenPad.

These ordinary looking “OfficeMax” style memo pads come as a blank canvas of 50 pages for your own ideas – ready to plug into your creativity or cherished routine.

The SvenPad line is offered in a superb lineup of sizes to fit any performance need:

  • 2 x SvenPad Mini Size (4.5" x 3") Black Covers
  • 2 x SvenPad Pocket Size (4.25" x 5.5") White Covers (As seen in video)
  • 2 x SvenPad Stage Size (8.5" x 5.5") White Covers 
  • NEW! 1 x Triple Bank SvenPad (3.5" x 5")
  • COMBO SvenPad 1 x Pocket Size + 1 x Stage Size
  • 2 x NON-GIMMICKED SvenPad Pocket Size (4.25" x 5.5")

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