The Dapper Deck Deluxe Set

Accessory by Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay
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The Dapper Deck Deluxe Set

150.00 usd

Accessory by Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay (150.00)

In stock.

When Vanishing Inc. Magic set out to design its first deck of signature brand playing cards, we had one specific goal in mind: to create the most fashion-forward, subtle, and sophisticated "look" for a deck of cards yet devised. The result is the Dapper Deck Deluxe package, which is an attractive deck of cards crafted from the finest stock and finish, along with a matching silk tie and a 1000 thread count pocket square. Everything is packaged in a hand-painted wooden lacquer box complete with lock, practice mirror, and Dapper Deck insignia. Each package comes with a numbered, signed certificate by creators Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin. Strictly limited to 400 units.

We consulted with two fashion industry experts to help us hone a design that would match fine suits that the stylish magicians we create for would wear. The dapper base colors are navy blue or, for more of a punch, Jerry's Nugget Orange. The details are in pastel shades of green, yellow, red, and grey, and each back design is designed to bring out the colors of your wardrobe, and accent the tie or pocket square in your ensemble.

The idea here is not to look over-matched or branded. Instead, our hope is that early in your performance, perhaps as the cards are being shuffled, your most astute spectators will notice that the attractive print on the back of your cards is matched to your pocket square and tie. This is the kind of detail we strive for in the quality of our magic. It should be the detail we strive for in our appearance as well.

The Dapper Deck Deluxe is comprised of a heavy wooden box that previews the Dapper Deck design. Inside you are supplied with a deck of each color--navy and orange--as well as the pocket square (made of the finest quality silk available to us) and a thin, silk tie. A practice mirror is provided on the lid of the box for a quick check to make sure your hands are nimble and your tie is on straight. And an ornamental lock and key are provided to keep unsuspecting eyes away from the secrets of the Dapper Deck.

Strictly limited to 400 sets.


Customer reviews for The Dapper Deck Deluxe Set



The price might seem high when you get the box, i know it did for me even though i have wanted this since day 1 of kickstarter! BUT, The quality of the materials is really good, and i mean really good. I have some expensive ties and pocket squares in their own right and this is right up there with it in quality!

The orange deck for me isn't quite similar enough... I feel like the tie and pocket square might never be noticed to match when using that deck but perhaps i am wrong since i hear many express that the Blue is to strong for them and the orange is just subtle enough.

Honestly to me the only downside is not getting gaffs and gaff decks in this style... but i am considering making my own.

BTW, I love using the handkerchief in connection with the cards... Card through handkerchief from Ammars ETMCM or more often i will do a topit vanish with the aid of the handkerchief which is a really cool way to off handedly "get" people to notice the coordination.



At first I was a little sceptical about the deck, the colours and how the audience would react once they see the cards. But they love it! Specially with this set as it comes with a matching tie and a handkerchief. Really liked it.



First up, the good: the box is gorgeous and looks lovely sitting almost anywhere. The decks look and feel amazing and make flourishes colourful and interesting to watch which draws attention away from the somewhat subtle marking system. If you know what to look for and where, it's easy to spot but most lay people will have trouble finding it unless they look closely. Additionally, there is a small bonus detail of some of the pips having the paisley pattern scattered throughout the deck which is a really fun extra detail but would look even better if it was through all cards (maybe something to add for version 2? Hint hint...). The matching pocket square and tie are great and look awesome even when worn for just formal occasions. I wore mine to a cocktail party and it was a blast! My only problem was that there was a minor defect in my box which was an easy fix and the Vanishing Inc. Team did an awesome job helping me out with solutions. Overall, one of my favourite buys so far and definetly worth it, I would highly recommend getting one before they run out.


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