Tyvek Vertical Himber Envelopes

Accessory by Alan Wong
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Tyvek Vertical Himber Envelopes

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Accessory by Alan Wong (34.95)

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The popular "Tyvek Himber Envelopes" are now available in a vertical version in either brown or black.

Constructed of durable tyvek material, the "Tyvek Vertical Himber Envelopes" by Alan Wong will last you countless performances. You will get a total of 12 envelopes, including 2 normal Tyvek envelopes plus 10 Tyvek himber envelopes with a matching partition inside. This means you can have up to 4 compartments for each himber envelope.

(Note: While 4 outs is possible with written paper, the poker-size envelope is still only suited for two playing cards. Using more playing cards will make the envelope too thick.)

Combine two of the envelopes with a Magnetic Himber Wallet and you now have eight possible outcomes. Yet, the audience only ever sees one envelope and one outcome.

Use the "Tyvek Vertical Himber Envelopes" for a variety of switches and multiple outs:

  • Switch any freely chosen card into your force card
  • Use any two force cards and reveal either one as your prediction
  • Use two double face cards in one envelope to have four possible outcomes
  • Use any blank card with any words, symbols and numbers for the above applications
  • Force any prize, gift, prediction, bank night and any lucky themed routines

Envelopes only. No instructions included.

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  • Pol asks: I would like to know if these envelopes have an opening on each side (front and back - just as the other Tyvek Himber Envelopes sold here) or if both openings are on the same side (top and bottom)?

    • 1. Pol answers: I will answer myself: it has one opening on the top and the other opening on the bottom of the opposite side. It doesn't let me post a review because I didn't buy them here, but I want to say that I'm disappointed with the quality and design of these vertical himber envelopes
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