Ultra Fine Point Sharpie (Blue)

Accessory by Sharpie
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Ultra Fine Point Sharpie (Blue)

2.95 usd

Accessory by Sharpie (2.95)

Out of stock. Email me when new stock arrives.

Ultra Fine Point Sharpies use a smaller tip than standard Sharpies to make writing easier. The same bold, vibrant ink you love from your normal sharpie, but with thinner lines and better precision.

We're carrying this exact Blue color of Ultra Fine point Sharpie because it's the perfect pen for marking your deck of "Apostles Playing Cards." Of course though, you could use it for whatever you want.

Typically only available 12 and 24-packs, you can now save money, hassle and drawer space by purchasing single Ultra Fine Point Sharpies.


Customer reviews for Ultra Fine Point Sharpie (Blue)

VI Monthly


I bought a blue thin-line Sharpie to give it a try to see how it matched up with blue-backed bicycle Poker 808 cards...and how it compared to a black thin-line Sharpie.

For the tests,
1. I marked up the back of one such blue-backed card by filling in the center dots of flowers and the center dot on the card...and, for good measure, by drawing 3/4" lines in the "sky portion" of the sky next to the angels on the bicycles. Guess what? IMHO, A perfect match. The drawn dots on the cards seemed to blend in perfectly and did not "stand out" by any sort of discernible contrast to the adjacent printed blue and the "purposefully drawn" test lines (near the angels on the bicycles) just seemed to melt/dissolve into the heavens (again, with no easily discernible contrast).
2. I also placed black Sharpies dots adjacent to blue Sharpie dots and, while close, the blue dots were definitely a better match for use on the blue-backed cards. When adjacent blue and black test lines were drawn in the sky portion of the sky next to the angels on the bicycles, the black-drawn lines were easily discernible but the blue-drawn lines were almost impossible (if at all) to discern.

3. BTW, one thing I always do (when using said Sharpies on the backs of cards) is to vigorously rub the dried Sharpie ink with a Kleenex tissue to remove any "dried ink shine" from the mark(s). This helps to prevent any ink "reflective shine" from the back of any such "inked" card(s) (which might be noticeable in bright light situations).

Note: All the foregoing tests were performed by judicious use of the Sharpie pens. In other words, I did NOT heavily apply the ink to the backs of the cards but, instead, I carefully applied the ink to the affected area(s) using as little ink as possible to "get the job done".

In a pinch, I'll still use a black thin-line Sharpie if I have no blue thin-line Sharpie handy, but, my preference is now definitely the blue thin-line Sharpie pens.



I bought this along with the Apostles deck by Luke Jermay and Vanishing Inc. and it is the perfect colour match with the backs of these awesome playing cards.

Can’t really get too carried away as it’s just a marker pen, but the fine point and colour make this a necessity if you wish to fully explore the power of Apostles.

Chuck one in your shopping basket along with a deck!


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