Wooden Wand Pro

Accessory by Bacon Magic and Harry He
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Wooden Wand Pro

9.95 usd

Accessory by Bacon Magic and Harry He (9.95)

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A gorgeous wooden wand reserved for the serious performer.

"Wooden Wand Pro" is a premium magic wand constructed of gorgeous padauk and mkuruti wood. It has simple modeling, exquisite workmanship and comfortable feel, making it as much a worthy collectable as it is a practical wand. Each wand comes with a flannelette bag for easy travel.

More Details

"Wooden Wand Pro" is endowed with the original wood texture, showing the beauty of solid wood as much as possible. Taking inspiration from magnolia, there is a touching curve design and intelligent curved top to both ends of the magic wand to give it a beautiful antique-inspired design.

The wood used for this magic wand gives it the perfect weight. It's sturdy enough to hold and spin, while not feeling overly heavy. It's also built to last for a lifetime.

The length and weight of the "Wooden Wand Pro" was tested extensively. It has reasonable counterweight, moderate length, and comfortable feel. When you make some moves such as "The Drummer's Spin", you don't need to worry about the weight of the ends of the magic wand.

Color and Style Options
For ultimate convenience, there are multiple colors and sizes available (Standard and Bold). Both versions are 32cm long. However, the bold version is around 1.2cm thick, while the diameter of the thinner standard version is about 1.0cm.

You can get either version in either gorgeous black or brown colors.

Expert Craftsmanship
Good wood and design must be matched by the exquisite craftsmanship of the craftsman. Every wand has undergone a detailed material selection, degreasing, drying, molding, grinding, anti-corrosion, waxing and other innovative processes.

From formal performances to casual close up magic, the "Wooden Wand Pro" is the ultimate magic accessory.

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Customer reviews for Wooden Wand Pro



This wand is a work of art and amazing value for the money. I have the standard black which weighs 31 grams; whilst this is light for wand spins it is excellent for hitting cups etc. without damaging your props!



Great quality at an incredibly reasonable price. Wand is nicely made and looks lovely plus comes with an elegant velvet bag to store it in. If this is typical of Bacon magic’s products I’d be very tempted to purchase other items they put out.



Great wand! I will be picking up a black deluxe as well!



I was looking for a wand for close up work, but didn't want a traditional black and white wand. I wanted a nice sort of Victorian style and boom, Bacon Magic releases this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I got the black standard and am Beyond impressed. I will be ordering another in Brown bold. You should get this.



Oooh these are nice. I ordered a bold black one(1.2cm) and a brown standard(1cm) one. Saw these in a TCC demo if I recall correctly, and really liked the aesthetic of the wand. Both the wands are stunning. I am not sure which one I like more, the thicker or the standard one. Its nice to have both to be honest. The only reason I have not given this an excellent rating is that the wand is too light to do the Ammar flourishes or moves with. That said, I have a Magic Makers Pro wand which is heavy and I am just used to that weight. Maybe with some practice I can get the moves down with the wooden wand. I love these wands they are super nice!! Get one, or 2 or all 4 versions. You wont be disappointed.


Community questions about Wooden Wand Pro

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  • Gary asks: A review on another site refers to these wands as, "... a nicely carved piece of dowel" which sounds a bit disappointing. So can someone confirm for me that these wands do indeed have the nice grain as shown in the photos and are not just a bit of nicely lathed dowel dipped in wood stain?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: They appear in real life just as they do in the photo. It is a lighter wood, but for the price, it's a solid option
  • Michael asks: What length are these wands

    • 1. Jim answers: The length of the magic wand is 32cm, the diameter of the thick wand is about 1.2cm, and the diameter of the thin wand is about 1.0cm.
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