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Jamy Ian Swiss

For eighteen years (June 1994 - January 2013), Jamy Ian Swiss wrote thoughtful, opinionated, long-form reviews of magic books for Genii magazine. Jamy's reviews contain insights deeper than just product recommendations, and so we have worked to assemble the entire series (almost 450 magic book reviews) in one complete and fully searchable archive.

Also, from October 2016 through January 2020, Jamy wrote reviews for the Lyons Den at the Magicana website.

Read Jamy's essay, Critical Thinking on his tenure as a book reviewer, or search for, or choose a review below:

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Book Author Date
Jack Parker's 52 Memories Andi Gladwin

May 2008

Jay's Journal of Anomalies Ricky Jay

May 2002

Jean Hugard James B. Alfredson

Jul 1997

Jennings '67 Richard Kaufman

Dec 1997

Jinx Companion Craig Conley, Gordon Meyer & Fredrick Turner

Nov 2011

John Carney Presents Al Baker's Lightning Pull John Carney

Aug 1997

Joshua Jay's Magic Atlas Joshua Jay

Jul 2000

Kellar's Wonders Mike Caveney & Bill Miesel

Mar 2004

Ken Brooke's Magic Place Anthony Brahams

Oct 2005

Ken Krenzel's Ingenuities Stephen Minch

Apr 1997

Kid Control: Behavior Management for Children's Entertainers Julian Franklin

May 2006

Kodell: Do Something Different Jack Kodell

Sep 2011

Kort Stephen Minch

Dec 1999

Las Vegas Kardma Allan Ackerman

Oct 1994

Levante: His Life, No Illusion Kent Blackmore

Sep 1997

Life, Death & Other Card Tricks Robert E. Neale

Jul 2000

Lights! Camera! Action! Dick and Virginia Williams

Aug 1994

Linking Rings: William W. Durbin and the Magic and Mystery of America James D. Robenalt

Nov 2004

Look No Hands Wayne Dobson

Jul 2011

Lou Gallo, The Underground Man Richard Kaufman and Mark Phillips

Jul 1996

M.I.N.T. Volume II Edward Marlo

Oct 2005

Maelstrom Tom Stone

Jan 2012

Magic & Meaning Eugene Burger and Robert E. Neale

Apr 2005

Magic And Methods Of Ross Bertram Ross Bertram

Mar 2005

Magic Around the World Bill Ragsdale

Nov 1994

Magic By Design: Study, Practice and Presentation John Carney

Nov 2009

Magic for Dummies David Pogue

Jan 1999

Magic in Fiction: A Short Title Checklist Michael Canick

Jan 2000

Magic In Theory Peter Lamont and Richard Wiseman

Jan 2000

Magic Matters: Tricks and Essays Robert E. Neale

Jan 2010

Magic Menu: The First Five Years Jim Sisti

Nov 2005

Magic Of The Renaissance Tom Crowl

May 1997

Magic Tricks, Card Shuffling And Dynamic Computer Memories S. Brent Morris

Jan 1998

Magic Words Gerald Kolpan

Sep 2012

Magic Yellow Pages 1996 Wittus Witt

Aug 1996

Magic: Page by Page Patrick Page

Mar 2012

Magical Heroes: The Lives and Legends of Great African American magicians Jim Magus

Aug 2005

Magical Mathematics: The Mathematical Ideas That Animate Great Magic Tricks Persi Diaconis and Ronald Lewis Graham

Sep 2011

Magic's Most Amazing Stories: a Collection of Incredible Stories from World Famous Magicians Ivan Amodei

Jul 2010

Magie Duvivier Jon Racherbaumer

Oct 1996

Mainly Mental C.L. Boarde

Jan 1998

Making Contact; The Real Secrets Of Contact Mindreading Satori

Sep 1998

Making Money From Magic Drew McAdam

Nov 2005

Making the Cut: A Peek into the Magic of Ryan Schlutz Ryan Schlutz

Sep 2012

Manacles Of The World T. L. Gross

Sep 1998

Marked for Lifts Tips, Tricks and Tactics for Any Marked Deck Kirk Charles

Jul 2002

Mastering the Art of Magic Eugene Burger

Mar 2001

Maurice Fogel Chris Woodward

Jan 2000

Meir Yedid's Magic Wish Stephen Hobbs

Jan 2005

Messing With Minds James Biss

Sep 2005