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Jamy Ian Swiss

For eighteen years (June 1994 - January 2013), Jamy Ian Swiss wrote thoughtful, opinionated, long-form reviews of magic books for Genii magazine. Jamy's reviews contain insights deeper than just product recommendations, and so we have worked to assemble the entire series (almost 450 magic book reviews) in one complete and fully searchable archive.

Also, from October 2016 through January 2020, Jamy wrote reviews for the Lyons Den at the Magicana website.

Read Jamy's essay, Critical Thinking on his tenure as a book reviewer, or search for, or choose a review below:

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Book Author Date
Impossible Bill Braid Robert E. Neale

Sep 2009

Life, Death & Other Card Tricks Robert E. Neale

Jul 2000

Folding Money Fooling Robert E. Neale

Oct 1997

Zoo Magic Robert E. Neale

Nov 2006

The Davenport Story Volume Two: The Lost Legends Robert Harbin, Edward Victor, G.W. Hunter

May 2010

The Magic Of The United States Robert James Albo, M.D.

Jan 1996

Great Tricks Revisited Robert Parrish

Jul 2005

Words about Wizards Robert Parrish

Sep 1994

The Secrets of Stage Conjuring Robert-Houdin

Jan 2005

Secret Agenda Roberto Giobbi

Jan 2011

Card College: Volume One Roberto Giobbi

Apr 2005

Card College: Volume 4 Roberto Giobbi

Oct 2000

Card College Roberto Giobbi

Jan 1999

Card College Volume Two Roberto Giobbi

Apr 1996

Card College Light Roberto Giobbi

Jan 2007

Card College, Volume 3 Roberto Giobbi

Jan 1999

Arcardia Roger Crosthwaite

Apr 2000

Roger's Thesaurus Roger Crosthwaite & Justin Higham

Jan 2005

William l. Lindhorst Roger Edgar Linden

May 1997

Private Studies, Numbers 1 Through 6 Ron Bauer

Aug 1998

Blue Book of Magic 2005 Ron Cortlidge

Mar 2006

Tales from the Uncanny Scot Ron Wilson

Nov 2010

Magic And Methods Of Ross Bertram Ross Bertram

Mar 2005

Bertram On Sleight Of Hand Ross Bertram

Aug 1996

The Life And Many Deaths Of Harry Houdini Ruth Brandon

Feb 2005

Making the Cut: A Peek into the Magic of Ryan Schlutz Ryan Schlutz

Sep 2012

Magic Tricks, Card Shuffling And Dynamic Computer Memories S. Brent Morris

Jan 1998

Neo-Magic Artistry S. H. Sharpe

Nov 2000

Ruse, Artifice, and Subterfuge at the Card Table S. W. Erdnase

May 2003

Swami and Mantra Sam Dalal

Jun 1997

Making Contact; The Real Secrets Of Contact Mindreading Satori

Sep 1998

Seance Scott Moore-Davis

Jul 1996

Selling Your Specialty Act To Hollywood Shaunnery Steevans

Jan 1998

The Abracadabra Kid Sid Fleischman

Mar 1996

Annals of Conjuring Sidney W. Clarke

Nov 2001

Try the Impossible Simon Aronson

Sep 2001

Simply Simon Simon Aronson

Feb 1996

Modern Enchantments Simon During

Mar 2003

Simon Lovell Presents His Post Accident Lecture Book! (A Blatant Attempt To Raise Money!) Simon Lovell

Sep 2005

Second to None: A Manuscript on the Art of Second Dealing Simon Lovell

Mar 2002

Simon Says: The Close-Up Magic Of Simon Lovell Simon Lovell

Aug 1997

Billion Dollar Bunko Simon Lovell

Jul 2005

Son of Simon Says: More Close-Up Magic of Simon Lovell Simon Lovell

Dec 2000

Using Magic To Prevent Drug Abuse Stan Davis

Nov 1996

Meir Yedid's Magic Wish Stephen Hobbs

Jan 2005

Michael Gallo's Siamese Coins Stephen Hobbs

Jul 1996

The Annotated Discovery Of Witchcraft Booke XIII Stephen James Forrester

Mar 2000

Gibeciere Stephen Minch

Mar 2010

Kort Stephen Minch

Dec 1999

Ken Krenzel's Ingenuities Stephen Minch

Apr 1997