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Jamy Ian Swiss

For eighteen years (June 1994 - January 2013), Jamy Ian Swiss wrote thoughtful, opinionated, long-form reviews of magic books for Genii magazine. Jamy's reviews contain insights deeper than just product recommendations, and so we have worked to assemble the entire series (almost 450 magic book reviews) in one complete and fully searchable archive.

Also, from October 2016 through January 2020, Jamy wrote reviews for the Lyons Den at the Magicana website.

Read Jamy's essay, Critical Thinking on his tenure as a book reviewer, or search for, or choose a review below:

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Book Author Date
Elastrix: The Encyclopedia Of Rubber-Band Magic Volume II Stephen Minch

Apr 1996

The Collected Works of Alex Elmsley, Volume 2 Stephen Minch

Oct 1994

Gary Plants on the Zarrow Shuffle Stephen Minch

Nov 2004

The Trapdoor, Volume 3 (1994-1998) Steve Beam

Jan 2013

Semi-Automatic Card Tricks: Volume 4 Steve Beam

Sep 2002

Digital Effects, The Magic Of Joe Mogar Steve Beam

Sep 1997

Semi-Automatic Card Tricks VIII Steve Beam

Mar 2011

The Little Egypt Book of Ghosts Steve Bryant

Mar 2009

Sports And Pastimes Steve Burton

Nov 1999

The Self-Employed Entertainer's Complete Guide to Federal Income Tax Steven L. Snyder

Nov 2006

Germain The Wizard Stuart Cramer

Jul 2002

Manacles Of The World T. L. Gross

Sep 1998

Tabman Magic Tabby Crabb

Sep 2009

Paramiracles Ted Lesley

Nov 1994

David P. Abbott's House of Mystery Teller & Todd Karr

Mar 2005

How To Be A Fake Kreskin The Amazing Kreskin

Nov 1996

A Candle In The Dark Thomas Ady, M.A.

Apr 1996

The Silence of Chung Ling Soo Todd Karr

Mar 2002

The Essential Robert-Houdin Todd Karr

Jan 2007

The Second 16th Card Book Tom Craven & Paul Gordon

May 2007

Magic Of The Renaissance Tom Crowl

May 1997

Hold'Em Magic Tom Frame

Jan 2012

Entertainer Tales From The Road: Confessions Of A Fulltime Family Tom Lilly

Aug 1998

Maelstrom Tom Stone

Jan 2012

The E-Books of Tom Stone Tom Stone

Jan 2008

The Warpsmith Returns Tom Stone

Aug 1996

The Books Of Wonder Volumes One And Two Tommy Wonder and Stephen Minch

Jun 1996

The Silver Surf Troy Hooser

Dec 2000

Fred Kaps' Purse Unknown

Mar 2005

Fred Kaps' Currency Unknown

Mar 2005

The Magic Wand Unknown

Sep 2003

The Digital Pentagram Unknown

Sep 2003

The Digital Pabular Unknown

Sep 2003

Sports And Pastimes Unknown

Nov 1999

A Look Back Before Going Forward Unknown

Sep 1998

Wit And Wizardry: The Magic Of Norm Houghton Unknown

Aug 1998

Houdini Souvenir Program Unknown

Jan 1998

Breslaw's Last Legacy Unknown

Dec 1997

Hocus Pocus Junior Unknown

Jun 1997

The Magic of Paul Potassy Uwe Schenk & Michael Sondermeyer

Mar 2006

Gibeciere Winter 2007 Various

Sep 2007

Gibeciere Summer 2006 Various

Sep 2007

The Original Stars Of Magic Various Authors

Mar 2009

Tubthumping W. S. Duncan

Jan 2004

Tales of Enchantment Walt Anthony

Jul 2011

Welcome to the Fabulous Wayne Dobson & Friends Wayne Dobson

Jan 2013

Look No Hands Wayne Dobson

Jul 2011

Dobson's Choices the Sequel Wayne Dobson

Jan 2004

Avant-cards: Tom Gagnon Wesley James

May 2012

The Chicago Surprise Whit Haydn

Nov 2001