Handsome Jack, etc.

Book by John Lovick and Handsome Jack
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Handsome Jack, etc.

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Book by John Lovick and Handsome Jack (55.00)

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Forget about his incredible looks, Handsome Jack’s skill, humor, and humility, make him a great writer of magic. David Blaine
Handsome Jack is two of the best magicians I know. Derek DelGaudio
This book is a vault of original, powerhouse material. Michael Carbonaro

Handsome Jack, Etc. is the anticipated collection of John Lovick's parlor and close-up material. It was released at Magic Live to great fanfare, and is now EXCLUSIVELY available for a limited time through Vanishing Inc. Magic. We have a very small quantity of these books, and we anticipate selling through them entirely, so if you're interested, please order now.

We're completely charmed by the premise of the book. John Lovick has garnered awards and attention for his alter-ego performance character, Handsome Jack, a male model in love with himself. The premise is that Handsome Jack has written a book claiming credit for all of Lovick's magic, so Lovick clarifies, redacts, and adds to the text as the book's editor. So as you're reading audience-tested magic, you'll also be laughing aloud at the tension between these two alter-egos. 

Magic royalty have blessed the book, with accolades from Teller, Blaine, Carbonaro, Delgaudio, Hartling, and more. It's a must-read, and we're proud to offer this wonderful book to you. 


  • Foreword 
  • Preface
  • Introduction by Penn and Teller
  • Bottle? Rock It!
  • The Handsome Jack Lotto
  • They Say It's Your Birthday
  • The 100th Dollar Bill Change
  • ESSAY - Persona and Other Pieces of the Performance Puzzle
  • Ten-Card Red Rover with a Black Jack Kicker
  • That's My Ring!
  • A Dip into Scripture
  • Handsome in Love
  • President Handsome
  • Chic Thief
  • Saint Jack
  • Hand in My Pocket
  • My Dream of Mind Reading
  • Houdini Outdone!
  • The Reparation
  • The Reparation Strikes Back
  • ESSAY - Scripting and Similar Essentials
  • Little House on the Scary
  • Vainfabulation
  • Eyes Wide Shut
  • Mutilation & Restoration with an Explanation (and an Additional Restoration)

212 pages, hardcover with band-style dustjacket wrapper, and two-color illustrations. 


Customer reviews for Handsome Jack, etc.



Caveat that this is my first book on magic that I've ever read. After being a long-time fan of magic performance as a spectator, I decided to peel the curtain back and start learning more about the techniques behind the magic. I decided to start here, rather than a book that is actually meant for beginners because I realized I was primarily curious in hearing about someone's full show. I wanted to know why they do what they do, what decisions went into, what they are building off, and how they do the tricks.
I saw Handsome Jack many years ago on Penn and Teller's Fool Us, and he was a performer that immediately stuck out in my mind. Then hearing him interviewed on a few different podcasts I realized that John Lovick has an incredibly sharp mind and a strong knowledge and appreciation for the history of magic. So I started here.
The central conceit of this book is that John Lovick for years has helped to prop up Handsome Jack, former male model, who butchers the wonderful tricks that Lovick creates (all according to Lovick). Then Handsome Jack informed Lovick that he was going to publish a book of all of his tricks. Lovick sued to stop him, and succeeded only to realize that in the process he would now need to publish the book himself to recoup the legal fees. Now the original book that Handsome Jack wrote is being published with Lovick's footnotes and commentary. It's a very humorous and inventive setup, that made me laugh outlaid at several points throughout it.
But that conceit also serves a practical purpose in that it clearly delineates different aspects of an act. Handsome Jack's section gives you more of the performance, patter side. Lovick's footnotes provide more clarity around the technical handling, trickery, and the provenance of the technique. Lovick seems appropriately thorough in telling you exactly who created a trick originally and how it has been modified over the years and what he has done to it.
I love this book. I don't want to say much more on the content but I could follow the act easily, and I feel like I learned a lot about magic and performance from it. Highly recommended.



I have been reading magic book for over thirty years and found Handsome Jack etc.to be a most entertaining read.

The coment section reminds me of Harry Loraynes work and the historical section reminds me of Darwin Ortizz work. both outstanding writers on their own.

The effects and ideas are "brilliant" and the dialouge between the two characthers is funny. I would recommend this book to everyone to buy it is that good. I hope to see more of Handsome Jack's work.and he can bring that John Lovick fellow along too.



If you're a performer of magic, a student of magic a collector of magic....you have to buy this book. I read this book over the long weekend and savored every moment of it.

The presentations are incredibly well thought out, the magic is powerful and easy to do and the comedy and creativity is built in. John's descriptions and explanations of the tricks are simple and superb.

As you can also tell by the description, this more than just a book of magic tricks. It's a highly entertaining read that will have you laughing all along the way.

This is stuff that you will definitely use. I absolutely love this book. It will undoubtably become a collectors item.


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