Magic by John Lovick

Handsome Jack, etc. Book
Handsome Jack, etc.
Book by John Lovick and Handsome Jack - $55.00

Forget about his incredible looks, Handsome Jack’s skill, humor, and humility, make him a great writer of magic. David Blaine Handsome Jack is two of the best magicians I know. Derek DelGaudio This book is a vault of original, powerhouse material. Michael Carbonaro Handsome Jack, Etc....

Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen softback Book
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen softback
Book by Jon Allen and John Lovick - $34.99

“Stunning effects and jaw-dropping magic!” Jeff McBride, Creator of the Magic & Mystery School “Jon Allen’s magic is so strong and yet so offbeat. And what sets this collection apart is the amount of parlor material he includes. Anyone working on their close-up or stand-up acts would...

SWITCH - Unfolding The $100 Bill Change Book
SWITCH - Unfolding The $100 Bill Change
Book by John Lovick - $50.00

Few objects that magicians conjure with stir the imagination the way proper currency does. Money never goes out of style. Imagine being able to increase a dollar's value a hundred-fold. In the 1970s, a handful of American magicians encountered an Eastern European circus performer named Vlado,...

I Dream of Mind Reading Book
I Dream of Mind Reading
Book by John Lovick - $18.95 $14.40 (SAVE $4.55)

Not many card tricks cause a stir like John Lovick's "I Dream of Mindreading." But then again, this is the only routine wherein you reveal a thought-of card and turn the entire deck blank. This DEVASTATING effect has been circulating among pros and serious card men for two years, and acclaimed...

Mis-Made Dollar Bill  Trick
Mis-Made Dollar Bill
Trick by John Lovick and James Lewis - $15.00 $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

Imagine borrowing a one-dollar-bill and with just a few simple folds transforming it into an impossible condition - a Mis-Made Dollar Bill with the corners in the center and the center in the corners. The spectators may thoroughly examine the bill - frozen in this impossible state - as there is no...

The Mother Load Book
The Mother Load
Book by John Lovick - $15.00 $11.40 (SAVE $3.60)

EffectA knock-out coin routine with several phases and a stunning climax unlike any other coin routine! This is one of the most thorough manuscripts you will ever read. Every detail is covered concerning not just sleights, but acting, psychology, misdirection, timing, and routine. More than 33 1/3...

Easy Money DVD DVD
Easy Money DVD
DVD by John Lovick and Patrick Page - $16.95 $12.88 (SAVE $4.07)

The dream is universal: making money from nothing. Once you've learned Patrick Page's classic trick, Easy Money, that dream will come true! Holding five blank pieces of paper, the magician folds them in half. Unfolding them, each slip instantly transforms into a genuine, spendable $100 bill! Just...