Book by John Lovick and Jean-Pierre Vallarino
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Book by John Lovick and Jean-Pierre Vallarino (65.00)

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Vallarino Vallarino Vallarino Vallarino Vallarino Vallarino Vallarino Vallarino Vallarino Vallarino Vallarino Vallarino Vallarino Vallarino

FISM winner Jean-Pierre Vallarino has spent decades creating some of the most poetic, visual, and entertaining close-up magic the world has ever seen. Yet his genius has been sometimes overlooked because his greatest works have never been available in one place. That all changes today with Vallarino, a luxurious, beautiful, oversized, 300+ page hardcover book featuring some of the most incredible close-up magic we’ve ever seen.

This is one of the strongest collections of practical, powerful close-up material ever offered in one book. Especially when you consider that, for the first time, Jean-Pierre is sharing the greatest secrets from his award-winning FISM act—including the opening coin routine and spectacular Ace productions that helped secure his well-deserved award in Micro Magic.

In total, you’ll get more than 60 audience-tested routines that Jean-Pierre has performed around the world for decades. This includes entire chapters dedicated to classic plots from Ace Assemblies to Sandwich Routines, Collectors, and more. You’ll love his “Triple Travel” routine, a similar style effect to Chad Long’s “Back and Forth”, and “Visual Lift,” the perfect finale to any Ambitious Card routine. And his four-coin production from his FISM act needs to be seen to be believed.

Those who enjoy learning original moves will be glad to know that 25 innovative sleights are also included in Vallarino. You’ll get an exclusive look at the proper way to handle his Rumba Count, as well as an in-depth exploration of Vallarino’s iconic tabled shuffle work, his unique and practical palming techniques and so much more.

Vallarino is our most lavishly-photographed book to date, featuring more than two thousand photographs expertly taken by Sophie Duval. Combined with superb descriptions from one of our favorite writers, the extremely talented John Lovick, it is a true delight to read.

Exclusive Bonus

As a special bonus only available to those who purchase through Vanishing Inc., you’ll also receive access exclusive performance videos of Vallarino himself performing everything from the book. They’ll be added directly to your Vanishing Inc. account.

There’s not another book we can think of that contains so much visual, amazing coin and card magic. Vallarino will keep you busy for years. We’re so honored for the chance to help cement the legacy of this legendary magician.

Contents of Vallarino

  • Foreword (Jean-Pierre Vallarino)
  • Introduction (Carlos Vaquera)

Sleights, The Vallarino Way

  • Rumba Count
  • Hypnotic Rumba Count
  • Elmsley Count Variations
  • Vallarino’s Count
  • Ping Pong
  • Optical Center Steal
  • Revolutionary Control
  • Staircase Multiple Shift
  • Four-Card Add-On
  • Vallarino’s L.M.
  • False Spread-Shuffle
  • The Vallarino Force
  • Jump Change
  • Italian Palm
  • Cascade Four-Card Control and Palm
  • Ribbon Spread Palm
  • Top Palm
  • Bottom-Palm Subtleties
  • Lateral Bottom Steal
  • Quick Palm and Perhaps a Switch
  • Come Back
  • Three Color Changes
  • Vallarino’s Strip-Out
  • Vallarino’s Strip-Up
  • J.P. Spread Pass

Ace Assemblies

  • Ultimate MacDonald’s Aces
  • Vallarino’s Leader Aces
  • Neutrino Aces
  • Four Jacks Squared
  • Progressive Aces
  • Believe It or Not

Sandwich Tricks

  • Falling Sandwich
  • Flying Sandwich
  • Automatic Sandwich
  • Sandwich Retention
  • Transpo Sandwich
  • Triple Sandwich

Packet Transpositions

  • Fast Four Transpo
  • Jump Transpo
  • Wall Aces
  • Left or Right

Spectator Cuts to the Aces

  • Spectator Cuts to the Aces 1
  • Spectator Cuts to the Aces 2


  • Coincidence
  • The Thinking Card

Ace Productions

  • FISM Aces
  • Crossed Arms
  • Flower Ace Production
  • Slide Jumping Ace Production
  • Iris Ace Production
  • Wrist Production
  • Surprising
  • Flying Production
  • Reality or Fiction
  • Four Cuts, Four Aces

Triumph Variations

  • Aces Triumph
  • A Royal Triumph
  • Color Shuffle
  • Mystery Card Routines
  • Nonsense
  • Dream Wonder

Collectors Routines

  • Collectors
  • Fast Collectors

Miscellaneous Card Tricks

  • Ultimate Wild Card
  • Reset
  • Strong
  • Shortcut
  • English Poker
  • Trio
  • Bluff
  • Card or Money
  • Cost $4
  • Magic Wallet
  • Vallarino’s Ambitious Card
  • Visual Lift
  • Surprise Double Inversion
  • Vallarino’s Pocket
  • Pocket Transpo
  • Vallarino’s Everywhere and Nowhere
  • In Memory of Geoff Latta
  • Triple Travel
  • New Traveling Aces

Coin Magic

  • Mirage
  • Diagonal Coin Assembly
  • Reverse Coin Assembly
  • J.P. Coin Assembly
  • Blow Coin Assembly
  • Rub Plus

320 Pages | Hardback | 8.5in x 11in

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Customer reviews for Vallarino



Vallarino's Wild Card truly deserves the moniker "Ultimate" - beautiful, baffling, and most importantly, entertaining. His rumba count and varied methods of transforming the cards are a revelation. Thank you, Josh and Andy for your hard work in capturing this artist's work and methods for posterity.

VI Monthly


A beautiful book gorgeous cover filled with practical magic beautifully filled with wonder photographs by Sophie Duvall that are tied to the clear descriptions by John Lovick given in the explanations. I’m so glad I purchased this immediately and am looking forward to the videos that go with the purchase. For me it is a must have book. It will provide me with many useable routines.








This monumental volume contains secrets to some of the most beautiful card and coin magic from a French Maestro and FISM winner - JP Vallarino. The luscious routines are revealed through gorgeous color photographs and lucid descriptions. The card magic is simply amazing. The treasure trove of included videos provide supplementary demonstrations worth the price of admission. One of the best magic purchases I made from Vanishing Inc over the past two years.



This book is a absolute gold mine. The pictures are beautiful, it’s very well written and easy to comprehend. I got my copy during a snow storm, I said to myself I’m just going to take a quick peek because I had a ton of stuff to do….yup, that quick peek turned into about 4 hours. This book is impossible to put down. I’m extremely satisfied with this book it’s amazing.



Best book you can buy. It is worth every penny!









VI Monthly


It would not be an exaggeration or misplaced analysis to think that the Vallarino book is the ultimate card magic book...or at least in the top five card magic books ever conceived and published.ever published Material-wise, the book covers Vallarino's greatest secrets from his award-winning FISM act, 60 audience-tested routines and 25 innovative sleights.

In addition, the books is GORGEOUSLY produced with with over two THOUSAND color photographs and great written descriptions off the aforesaid...and bound in a massive high quality book binding that will endure and that will standout amongst the many books that might be in you magic library. The book is a true pleasure to hold, to read and to reflect upon.

The icing on the cake is the fact that EXCLUSIVE to purchases of the book directly FROM Vanishing Inc. Magic will include videos of Vallarino himself performing all of the routines and sleights taught in the book. This bonus is unavailable and IS not included with purchases of the book from any other source.

I am truly excited as I begin delving into the many secrets that are generously and professionally taught in this book. A quiet evening, cups of freshly brewed coffee...Mozart music VERY softly playing in the background...and Vallarino instructing and revealing some of his prized card magic secrets...WOW! It does not get any better than this.

Top drawer quality and value in every respect. Josh and Andi...."You did good"!



After seeing the champagne act many years ago and learning his wild card routines I always loved the elegance of his handling of cards…. It’s like poetry and this book is simply beautiful, the pages stay open easily and it’s nice easy to read print and captures his magic beautifully….. highly recommended and the videos alone are fantastic he’s getter older but he still has a beautiful elegance to his card handling …… so far it’s book of the year!





Beautifully printed! Very well illustrated!
The variety of effects is amazing.
You will want this book.



Beautiful book ! I’ve flicked through it and studied the Rumba count which is a great sleight, the effects look amazing and the pictures are great, can’t wait to get my head into this !
This book I feel is worth every penny !
I think I will be a master after reading this

VI Monthly


The book is amazing, the effects are mind blowing and the photos and videos really help the learning experience. Although there are only a few coin routines they are incredibly strong and visually impressive! I recommend this book for the advanced amateur and all the way to the professional who wants to study terrific card and coin magic!



Great content, pictures and book binding. Quality all around !



This is a beautiful book filled with valuable and interesting sleights and effects. I will enjoy spending hours learning from this. Very happy with this purchase. 10/10



Great routine, I will use this.



Wow! What a well done book! The well deserved and preserved magic of a great artist of magic. So many wonderful effects from a FISM winner. Thanks you Vanishing magic for all your hard work to make this possible. The photos and well described effects are much appreciated. This book is a real gem!!



I have wanted this book for a very long time. Before he knew he was going to write it. As soon as I saw that Vallarino was releasing a book on this work I was like S.O.B. I was trying not to spend any money right now. I had to have it damn it. So money I spent



Currently my favorite book, a must have for any Jean-Pierre Vallarino fan. I love it.
The clear explanation, the short chapters and big amounts of photos, just perfect for me as a non English native speaker. The videos are very helpful too.
The amount of material will keep me busy for months, most probably years.
Well done, highly recommended!



Excellent content! Beautiful moves and interesting variations on classical techniques.



Superbe subtilité



This book is beautiful on every level. Great magic, great production values photos etc. Reminds me of why I love magic, do yourself a favour and just buy it.





Jean Vallarino is truly amazing. I remember when I saw him for the first time doing his Fism Act and my response was this is so elegant. He performs the moves so fast with such grace you just stop trying to figure it out and enjoy the masterpiece. I am proud that he released a 300 plus page book reveling his best work so that magicians can learn and perform there versions to the amazing slights. The book is truly marvelous and you will not be disappointed.

VI Monthly


If you are a cardician this is a must buy. Superb and large selection of effects. Just look at the table of contents! The sleights section introduced me to a few new methods that I am going to incorporate.

The book is also beautiful! and looks great on my working table! The photos detailing the choreography are excellent and augment the text descriptions to help you quickly learn the mechanics (followed by practice of course!) ( I did note one missing photo but it really wasn't essential).

This book is going to be a joy to work through!



A gorgeous legacy piece for one of our most under-appreciated living sleight of hand artists and creators. The style of Vallarino’s card magic won’t be for everyone: it’s a little on the flashier, flourish-y side (though, often, surprisingly easy to accomplish for those of intermediate skill). That said, it’s worthy of study even for card magicians who tend to avoid this more showy sort of magic. Vallarino’s thinking is refreshingly out of the box and a joy to work through with cards in hand; a task made very simple to thanks to Lovick’s clear, economical writing style.



Beautiful book, very high quality product, some really great magic, am so glad Jean Pierre chose to release this, it will keep me occupied for ages. Tons of very helpful, high quality photos...... plus...access to videos of the man himself performing the effects. I'm well happy with my purchase. At the price, it's a bargain. Thanks Vanishing inc.



This is most probably my favourite magic book in a very long time. The number of photos are just mind boggling. The explanations are clear and the effects just incredible. The performance videos are a great augmentation of the book and really helpful to see some of the sleights performed. Some of my favourite ace assembly routines ever in this book. Every time I open this book it just makes me smile. Beautiful and stunning book





What to say? It's Vallarino! His artistry is amazingly portrayed in this book (No, it's a tome). The instructions are the clearest I have seen seen, the colored photos the sharpest and the effects chosen are extremely practical.
Maybe I don't know what I am talking about, so...look at the long list of "excellent" ratings from other magicians. Not all those people can be wrong.
Get it.

VI Monthly










Like many, a major aspect of my passion for magic is collecting books on magic. When I received this book from Vanishing Inc., I was impressed with the elegance of the book's exterior and the exceptional quality of the paper, printing and photographs in its interior. All the Vanishing Inc publications I've purchased have been exceptional, both in content and book construction. I think they've become the publishing giant of the present.

As I perused through this tome, I was pleased with the quality of the content material. Well-written explanations with full-color photos to guide you through the methodology. I was also surprised to discover, along with my purchase from Vanishing Inc., it included downloadable videos of JP Vallarino performing an effect or sleight from this book.

If you're a serious card magic person or book collector, this is one for you to learn from and to admire among your magic library.



This book has a delux quality to it, that matches the magic inside. It is densely packed with Vallarino's work, mostly cards and a few coins, including his FISM act. Between the text, many photographs, and even videos (from Vanishing Inc), everything is clearly explained. One thing of note, most of the tricks require the use of a table.


Community questions about Vallarino

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  • Juha-Matti asks: What year did Vallarino won Fism as stated in advertising? He was 3rd in 1991 but never won to my knowledge? Also if his FISM act is in the book "first time" what happened to Champagne video that explained the whole act +20 years ago?

    • 1. Jon answers: In general, anyone who places at FISM is a winner (First place winner, Second place winner, Third place winner). The copy says "FISM winner", so this correct.
    • 2. Mathieu answers: The Champagne Act was explained in a video a long time ago indeed. It is the first appearance in a book form.
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  • Dennis asks: Will there be any video supplement?

    • 1. Jim answers: There already is.
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  • Peter asks: You say we will get “exclusive performance videos of Vallarino himself performing everything from the book”. Two questions: 1.when you say ‘exclusive’ do you mean these performances have never been seen before? What do you mean by exclusive? 2. Likewise, when you say “everything from the book”, do you mean everything? I count 88 routines. You are saying that they are 88 videos, correct?

    • 1. Jon answers: I can answer question one: "exclusive" in this case means if you buy the book from VI you'll get the videos, otherwise you won't.
    • 2. Magician answers: It seems these sleights don't have a corresponding video: Hypnotic Rumba Count Four-Card Add-On Italian Palm Cascade Four-Card Control and Palm
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  • john asks: These are online videos, not DVDs … right?

    • 1. Chris answers: I'll note that the videos are downloadable if you want to burn them to DVD or just have them on your HD for quick access.
    • 2. Francesco answers: Correct, they get added to your VI account. Says it above.
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  • Roger asks: Is this a book for those with advanced sleight of hand skills or will it appeal to all levels of cardistry?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There are tricks and moves to suit most skillsets. From easier slights, through to complex routines.
  • Hicham asks: Is it a translation of Vallarino's french book "Melodies", or is it completely different material?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: This is a different book with newer material, as well as material that has not been published before.
  • Roberto asks: Is the material in this book suited more for the magician who performs seated at a table?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: There is material for both seated & standing performances
  • HARRY asks: is the champagne production in this book?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's not. The full contents are listed above. Hope that helps.
  • Magician asks: How many videos are available if buying the book from VI?

    • 1. Jim answers: You might want to sit down for this. Are you ready? 84. No, that is not a typo. Eighty-four. Even I am impressed!
    • 2. Magician answers: Ok! Thought there would be more, since the book has like 88 moves/effects and the ad mentions it has videos for "everything" :)
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  • Cornella asks: As I live in France, I bought the book in my usual french magic bookstore (Magic Dream). To have access to the videos, I should have bought the book directly from the UK. In that case I would have had to pay in GBP (thus adding to the price the bank charge to convert from euros to GBP) plus have to pay for the delivery from UK to France (not a small amount). In any case it would have substantially added to the book price. I thus feel that restricting videos access to your Vanishing customers is disrespectful to the others customers that have to pay extra fees for no specific service. Do you intend to continue this policy ?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: If you contact our Support Wizards, ( they will take care of you. And while we can understand your desire to save money by purchasing locally, we hope you can understand that, as a business, we aim to give people the best possible experience by buying directly from us. So yes, from time to time there will be incentives to purchase directly from us. But, in this case, if you email our Wizards, we'll take care of you!
  • David asks: More of a comment/compliment about your respect and dedication to the magic community. Cornella (France) described your offer as "disgraceful" and you extended the courtesy of offering a way out for him/her. Cornella chose to go to another dealer (to save money) and has the nerve to complain to you that you should honor your commitment to your customers (which Cornella is not) for the video access. See if Cornella can buy at Costco and redeem a Sam's Club coupon. If you bend for Cornella, you punish those that play by the rules. You owe it to your loyal customers to mean what you say. Cornella discounted the value of the video access and went cheap and thinks he/she still deserves first class. You folks have always shown class; it's a shame some don't appreciate what you have offered. Thank you for being you.

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: We appreciate that and thank you for being you and writing the kind words.
  • David asks: Roughly, what percent of the card tricks are done with ungimmicked cards? thank you Dave

    • 1. Cole answers: It is a variety. I don't know the percentage.
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