Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy (Rare Deluxe Collector's Edition)

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Book by Dai Vernon and Lewis Ganson ($500.00)

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Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy (Rare Deluxe Collector's Edition) - magic
Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy (Rare Deluxe Collector's Edition) Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy (Rare Deluxe Collector's Edition) Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy (Rare Deluxe Collector's Edition)

Discontinued for years, magic collectors have an incredible opportunity to get their hands on an EXTREMELY RARE collector's edition of Vernon's Inner Trilogy by Dai Vernon. Both an original deluxe version as well as a signed and numbered version with a slipcase are available.

Note About Vanishing Inc.’s Rare Magic Book Collection: These rare magic books have been acquired by Vanishing Inc. from Louis Falanga (of L&L Publishing)’s personal collection. They are in perfect condition and are often the super-rare “publisher editions” where the “numbered versions” may actually be labeled with letters instead of numbers. This varies per book.

About the Book

Many professional magicians agree that you can't truly consider yourself a well-rounded card magician until you've read Vernon's Inner Card Trilogy. This a special collection of three Vernon books that were groundbreaking at the time of their release and are still incredibly impressive to this day. These texts, Inner Secrets of Card Magic, More Inner Secrets of Card Magic and Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic, were compiled and photographed by Lewis Ganson.

In 1969, famous magic dealer Harry Stanley claimed that the magic within the Inner Card Trilogy would still be fresh in 50 years time. Well, all these years later, we're here to agree with Harry Stanley. This material is still fresh and many magicians still entertain and fool magicians and audiences alike with some of the tricks published in this collection!

There are dozens of classic magic tricks and essential card sleights taught in this book, including beloved card tricks such as "Twisting the Aces", "The Trick That Cannot Be Explained", "Emotional Reaction" and many others.


Dai Vernon’s "Inner Secrets of Card Magic: Part One"

  • Foreword: Dai Vernon
  • Preface: Is Magic an Art? Cy Enfield
  • Introduction: Lewis Ganson

Chapter One: Taking Things Easy

  • Emotional Reaction
  • Cocktail Cards
  • The Bent Corner Prediction
  • Color Separation

Chapter Two: A Little Thought Required

  • Repeat “Do As I Do”
  • Four of a Kind
  • Matching the Cards
  • Dai Vernon’s Color Changing Pack

Chapter Three: Hanging By a Thread (tricks using Invisible Thread)

  • The Rising Cards
  • The Pack that Cuts Itself (Al Baker)
  • The Walking and Jumping Card (Al Baker)

Chapter Four: Novel Knowledge

  • To Show the Top Card
  • The Ginsburg Poke
  • Jumbo Surprise
  • Elastic Touch
  • Time to Change

Chapter Five: Color Changes

  • Tenkai’s Color Change
  • Al Altmann’s Double Color Change
  • Dai Vernon’s Picking Off the Pip
  • Erdnase Plus Vernon
  • Dai Vernon’s “No Palm” Color Change
  • Dai Vernon’s Pinch Color Change
  • Dai Vernon’s French Drop Color Change
  • Bob Hummer’s Visual Change
  • Cliff Green’s Visual Change

Chapter Six – Desterous Deception

  • Production of Cards with Fingers Interlocked
  • Bob Hummer’s Variation

Chapter Seven: The Notis Stop Trick

  • The Notis Stop Trick (Senor Notis)

Chapter Eight: Mexican Trickery

  • Sure-Fire Showdown
  • Bathroom Strippers

Chapter Nine: Miracles Take a Little Longer

  • The Chinese Second Deal
  • The Shooting Single Handed Deal
  • Look Up

Dai Vernon’s "More Inner Secrets of Card Magic"

  • Introduction: Lewis Ganson

Chapter One: Twisting the Aces

  • Twisting the Aces

Chapter Two: Think of a Card

  • Simple Arithmetic
  • Riffled Thought
  • Think of an Ace
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind
  • Thought Transposed

Chapter Three: Oil And Water

  • Combination of Marlo’s Oil and Water & Vernon’s Follow the Leader

Chapter Four: McDonald’s $100 Routine

  • McDonald’s $100 Routine (aka McDonald's Aces)

Chapter Five: The Notis Cascade

  • The Notis Cascade (Senor Notis)

Chapter Six: Mainly Manipulation

  • Allen Shaw’s Card Production
  • Cardini’s Card Production
  • Mosquito Parade

Chapter Seven: Magic With the Riffle Shuffle

  • Basic Formation of a Step
  • The Pull Through Shuffle
  • The Pull Out Shuffle
  • Retaining the Top Stock
  • Zarrow Full Deck Control
  • Side Riffle Cut
  • Transferring a Bottom Stock to the Top
  • Reversal of Bottom Cards
  • To Keep the Colors Separated
  • To Bring Cards to the Top

Chapter Eight: Crimps

  • Top Card Crimp
  • Corner Crimp
  • Whole Pack Crimp
  • Cut Crimp
  • Spring Crimp
  • Mexican Joe’s Crimp
  • Snap Crimp

Chapter Nine: Cards to Pocket

  • Cards to Pocket

Chapter Ten: Forcing a Card

  • The Classic Force
  • The Malini Force
  • The Riffle Force
  • Fan Force
  • Back to Back Force: force card face up on face down deck

Chapter Eleven: The Trick that Cannot Be Explained

  • The Trick that Cannot Be Explained

Chapter Twelve: Vernon Touches

  • The Vernon Glide
  • The Push-Off Count
  • The Buckle Count

Dai Vernon’s Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic

  • Foreword: Ken Brooke

Chapter One: The Four Blue Backed Aces

  • The Four Blue Backed Aces

Chapter Two: Blindfold Poker Deal

  • Blindfold Poker Deal

Chapter Three: Cards of Coincidence

  • Cards of Coincidence

Chapter Four: Three Card Monte

  • Three Card Mont
  • The Use of a Short Card
  • The Optical Move

Chapter Five: Larry Grey’s Cards Across

  • Larry Gray’s “Cards Across”

Chapter Six: More Novel Knowledge

  • To Shuffle a Certain Number of Cards Above a Selected Card
  • Plunger Location
  • Card from Pocket
  • Switching a Card in an Envelope
  • Double Lift From Fan
  • Staring Him in the Face

Chapter Seven: Palming

  • Top Palm (Dai Vernon)
  • Other Methods Of Palming: Intro
  • To Palm a Card From the Pack With the Gambler’s Palm
  • One Handed Palm (Dai Vernon)
  • Second Gambler’s Palm
  • Springing a Card into the Gambler’s Palm Position
  • Some Useful Notes on Palming

Chapter Eight: Dealing Seconds

  • Dai Vernon’s Second Deal
  • Single Handed Method
  • Dai Vernon’s “New Theory” Second Deal
  • A Quick Trick

Chapter Nine: The Card Puzzle

  • The Card Puzzle

Chapter Ten: Another Larry Grey Trick

  • Another Larry Grey Trick

Chapter Eleven: Changes

  • The Top Change
  • The Bottom Change
  • One-Handed Card Change (Dai Vernon)
  • Harry Lorayne’s Change For Four Cards

Chapter Twelve: Two Tricks

  • Dai Vernon’s Version of “Everywhere and Somewhere”
  • Matching Any Number of Cards

240 pages | Hardcover


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