By Luke Jermay
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Book or download by Luke Jermay (Book $99.95 or download for $100.00)

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‘Vibrations’ is Luke Jermay’s radical approach to what Annemann called ‘one of the greatest one-man psychic effects ever conceived’ that will forever change the way in which you think about this now rarely performed classic.

Introducing ‘Jermay’s Sensational Psychometry’ technique that will allow you to provide insanely detailed readings, including specific information such as names, dates, places and more with no complicated reading systems, no preshow work, no memory work and no stooging.  This is a professional performers dream; a fully scripted routine that has been tried and tested that will produce astonishing reactions from even the most skeptical audiences.  Best of all; no complicated or expensive props or refills are needed.    

Designed to be performed in theatrical settings such as stage and parlour mind reading shows 'Vibrations' is a fully structured routine that overcomes the common problems within psychometry routines of repetition, generic readings and lack of climax.

Please note: ‘Vibrations’ requires a simple ‘gimmick’ which you probably already own and if you do not is simple to make or source and is intended for performance in stand up and stage settings.   

We know that this label is worn thin – but we genuinely think that ‘Vibrations’ is a true master piece. If you know us at least a little bit you will know as well that we are not inflationary with appraisals and recommendations. But this one deserves all appreciation that we are able to give. Thank you, Luke, for this!Rainer Mees, Thomas Heine - ParaLabs
We have before us an idea with unlimited scope”, wrote Theodore Annemann back in 1935. Today, Luke Jermay has conceived a truly innovative approach to the classic psychometry plot. His “Vibrations” is not only ingenious, engaging and utterly convincing, it also retains the practicality of the original—but in a new and unexpected way. This is material of professional caliber, carefully designed and brilliantly scripted, one of Luke’s finest creations ever. Bravo!Marco Fida
Luke Jermay alway releases real work material and this latest release is probably is greatest work to date! He has completely re-worked the classic psychometry routine combining very clever and original concepts together creating a full mystifying act. This is something that will go straight in my repertoire!Luca Volpe
The most powerful theatrical effect in Mentalism, in my opinion, is psychometry. The most important tool for a mentalist to be successful is the understanding of story and theatrical structure. "Vibrations" is a graduate thesis on both. Psychometry is the cornerstone of every one of my live performances. I have studied it deeply and broadly. Luke Jermay brings new ideas and synthesizes classic wisdom in a profound way that makes this required reading for anyone who loves emotionally impactful mentalism. Paul Draper


All legal owners in possession of an original copy of this manuscript have the right to perform these effects, presentations and methods in live first person performance settings only. They are not permitted to teach, sell, resell, lecture, manufacture, translate or otherwise use, demonstrate, display or perform the contents. The only authorised use is in the context of live, first person performance. All other uses are strictly withheld by the author and permission for all other uses by anyone other than the author must be obtained in writing first. 


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  • Sven asks: Hi As English not is my first language, I am interested in finding out how language dependant this manuscript and routine is. Can Vibrations be performed as is in any language?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: It's all in English, so you would need to be able to read English well to make use of it, but once you know it the ideas can be adapted to fit other languages.
  • Darren asks: can this be done close up?

    • 1. Jim answers: This is best done on stage or parlor. While one might get away with it close-up, I would not perform it in that way.
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