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We have created a new way to experience and develop your magic

We're proud to announce that the 2022 Retreat will be held in Phinda, South Africa, on safari. You'll see, truly, some of the most influential magical artists in the world, alternating between luxury safari adventures in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. On this three-day adventure, you'll go on two Big Five game-drives per day, with up-close encounters with lions, rhino, giraffe, elephant, zebra, cheetahs, and more. The setting is Phinda, one of the most exclusive private safari game reserves on the African continent. This completely bespoke experience is never to be repeated. It's the convention of a lifetime and the vacation of a lifetime, all in one.

Bring your partner or family if you wish...they can take part in both the safaris and a few of our public events.

The Retreat will be held in South Africa, April 27th - April 30th 2022.

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The Retreat The Retreat

Why we're doing it

Last year we organized the first Magic Retreat, an all-inclusive experience to watch, learn, and share magic. It was held in Costa Rica, and it sold out in 72 hours. What we learned is that there are a handful of magic adventurers--people who have a desire to improve their magic and, at the same time, share an unforgettable experience with like-minded wanderlusts. Now we take The Retreat to the next level.

We, Andi and Josh, are focused on producing the Retreat, which will dive deeper than the conventions we're used to attending. Quite simply, we have created exactly the kind of seminar we would want to be at, and learn from, and share with people. We've partnered with Craig Mitchell, our South African magician-safari expert, to plan this once-in-a-lifetime event.

&Beyond Phinda Mountain Lodge is perched on a dramatic hill top overlooking the lush Lebombo foothills. This Big Five luxury safari destination will steal your heart with its beautiful private suites, some of the best views in the world and access to a selection of unique adventure safaris. Limited to just 20 suites – The Retreat 2022 offers a spectacularly intimate experience.

South Africa, April 27th - 30th 2022

Daniel Garcia
Guy Hollingworth
Andi Gladwin
Joshua Jay
Magic retreat

What will we do?

For starters, we've selected two guests who personify everything we love about creating and performing magic. Guy Hollingworth and Daniel Garcia are our Retreat 2022 Guests. There will, of course, be surprise speakers and guests, and both of us, Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay, will be presenting new material. But our focus will be on these two tremendous guests, who have created some of the most influential magic of their generations. They have performed and created magic for stage and screen. They perform magic large and small, serious and funny, difficult and completely accessible. We think they balance each other out in terms of style and approach, and both are particularly interesting to spend time with.

We'll wake up early each morning and do a safari game-drive as the sun rises, to glimpse the splendors of Africa. We'll enjoy shows and talks and content with our guests in the afternoon, and then another game drive in the late afternoon. There will be free time to swim, nap, read, and jam with fellow attendees, and then more magic content each evening. The five-star chef on Phinda property will prepare all of our meals for us, including one enjoyed on the African Savannah.

Who's coming?

Guy Hollingworth
Daniel Garcia
Joshua Jay

Andi Gladwin

What do you get?

Quite simply, you get an unforgettable three-days designed specifically to raise your level in magic. You will set goals when you arrive and our staff will work to make sure you achieve these goals, or are set on the right path to achieve them in time.

And, corny as it sounds, you're going to make new friends. The nature of this event is so radical, so niche, that if you join us, you'll be amongst a wonderful, sharing, and driven group of people serious about their magic and their fun. It will be a collection of curious souls with a desire to improve. There are wanderlusters amongst us in magic, and we intend to find you at The Retreat.

  • You will get PRIVATE lessons from our staff.
  • You will be treated to new and unpublished magic from our star guests.
  • You will be gifted a gorgeous "The Retreat Package," a take-home packet that summarizes and extends all the content you're learning. These souvenir booklets will forever act as reminders and refreshers to the content you're learning during The Retreat.

And, corny as it sounds, you're going to make new friends. The nature of this event is so radical, so niche, that if you join us, you'll be amongst a wonderful, sharing, and driven group of people serious about their magic and their fun. It will be a collection of curious souls with a desire to improve. There are wanderlusters amongst us in magic, and we intend to find you at The Retreat.

Andi Gladwin and Joshua Jay Elephants

Where is it?

Phinda Private Game Reserve encompasses 28 000 hectares of untouched protected wildlife land in KwaZulu-Natal – outside of Durban, South Africa. There is NO exaggeration here. You WILL see these sights. You will fly into Durban, which is accessible from many major airports, and then be transported by road to this unforgettable place. British Airways flies directly from London to Durban – as does Emirates from Dubai … or fly into Johannesburg or Cape Town from a myriad of international hubs. Durban is but a short internal flight away.

How much does it cost?

The cost is $4,999 for everything, for all three days. This price includes your airport transfer (we'll be transferring as a group), luxurious suite-lodging, three meals each day, soft drinks, house wines and all local beverages, your Retreat packets and booklets, two daily safari activities and access to everything at the Phinda Private Game Reserve. You just have to get your own flight to Durban, South Africa.

Single Occupancy: If you are traveling alone and pay for one registration place, you will be rooming with another Retreat attendee. ALL safari lodges are based on double occupancy. If you’re coming with a friend, let us know so we can pair you together.

Double Occupancy: If you’re attending with your spouse or family, you can all stay together in one room, alone. The spousal rate is $3,250 and your family will be welcome to join our safari events and shows.

Luxury African safaris by themselves are bucket-list events – and independently cost $1000’s a night for the lodge alone – excluding the magic! We accept payments in three installments. All registration fees are based on a per person sharing basis. For single travellers – we can pair you with other single travellers or a single supplement is available should you wish to have a room to yourself. When you register, we'll contact you to personalize your registration with these options.

Secure your place for The Retreat early. We believe this event will have the power to shape your magic in a transformative way, and we're delighted to welcome you to this one-of-a-kind magical event. We are POSITIVE The Retreat will sell out, and due to the intimate nature of the experience, a waiting list will not be offered. Once confirmed, refunds or cancelations are not possible.

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Can I bring my family?

We realize an African Safari is a life-goal and luxury that you may want to share with your life-partner. We certainly will, too. It's likely if you come to The Retreat you'll want to stay before or after to explore other areas of the country, or spend some time in Cape Town, one of the most beautiful cities of the world. We get it. We've designed The Retreat so that you can enjoy aspects with your family, and other aspects will be intensive for-magicians-only.

Can I ask a few questions?

Ask away! Receive a personal response from Andi or Josh on all questions about The Retreat by contacting us on our contact us page.