31st August - 4th September 2022
David Ben John Carney
Andi Gladwin Joshua Jay

The Retreat: Western Adventure

Stunning views. Hikes. Stargazing.
Horseback rides through the Mountains.
Transformative Magic Events

We’re taking an unforgettable trip to the heart of the American West where we’ll spend part of our time exploring the spectacular scenery and the rest of our time with some of the finest living magicians. An intimate convention experience like this would normally be double this price. And to take a vacation like the one we have planned would take months of planning and thousands of dollars. We’ve combined the very best of a magic convention with an unforgettable vacation, and we present both at an unbelievably reasonable price. And finally, this is a magic convention you are welcome to bring your partner to–one that they will enjoy as much as you. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Read on…

Magic retreat

Horseback Riding

​​Capitol Reef National Park is gorgeous by car, but the ultimate way to experience these vista is by horse. You’ll have the option to ride horses on the outer rim of the park. And after your horseback ride, you’ll have options to enjoy a leisurely hike or drive on one of the most scenic routes in the United States.


This remote area of Utah is known worldwide for the stunning views of the constellations. Listen to a local interpret interpret the stars in a special presentation for our group of magicians, and then enjoy a S’mores party.

Magic retreat
Magic retreat

Goblin State Park

One of the strangest of the American park systems, you’ve never seen anything like Goblin State Park. Wind erosion has caused strange giant-like rock structures to form on the dessert floor, creating what looks like an army of goblins. Nature experts will take us on an amazing stroll through these mythic figures, relaying the history and science of this place.

... and lots of Magic

We’ve very pleased that this year our Guests of Honor are David Ben and John Carney.

David Ben is a renaissance man of magic: he wrote the definitive biography on Dai Vernon, his stage show The Conjurer won several notable theatrical awards, and he founded Magicana, a non-profit organization that seeks to advance the art of magic. David is also an exceptional sleight-of-hand magician, with unparalleled knowledge of the magic of his main influences, Ross Bertram and Dai Vernon. David will be sharing two unique courses for us–one on sleight of hand and one on a “secret” topic every magician will be thrilled to be part of.

John Carney is widely regarded as one of the world’s foremost exponents of sleight-of-hand. He is an unprecedented seven-time winner of the Magician of the Year Award at the Magic Castle’s Academy of Magical Arts. He has appeared on national television in several countries, including the David Letterman Show here in the United States. Carney will deliver two special lectures on sleight-of-hand, including a section in which attendees will have the chance to get hands-on tuition and feedback.

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David Ben magician
John Carney magician

Red Sands Hotel & Spa

Conveniently located right next to Capitol Reef National Park, The Red Sands Hotel & Spa is a lovely, beautifully-appointed hotel that is perfect for an intensive magic retreat. The rooms are beautiful, with a new “cathedral” design for those who wish to attend with a roommate, as well as suites and double rooms. The views right outside the hotel are beautiful, and within minutes the scenery unfolds to reveal some of the most stunning geological formations in the country.

The Red Sands Hotel will be our home for the duration of the Retreat, where we’ll have most of our meals and all of our magic events.

And when we’re not having adventures or deep discussions on magic, the hotel itself is an ideal place to unwind. That’s why this is also a perfect opportunity to attend with your partner. There is a copper tub, a sauna, a swimming pool, a coffee shop, a reading patio, a hot tub, and yoga studio, all open to our guests.

Important: As this hotel has sold out, all new bookings for The Retreat will be at a luxurious overflow hotel very close to the Red Sands Resort & Spa. The hotel is equally picturesque and beautifully situated, and we're now able to accommodate ten attendees to add to our adventure. You'll be able to enjoy all the excursions, meals, lectures and clinics, and your comfortable resort hotel is just minutes away. We'll provide transportation to and from your hotel the venue as well. There is a nominal rate increase because the overflow hotel is more expensive, per room.

Limited spots available:
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Weds August 31st
(Optional day - $100 supplement. Hotel not provided.)
6pm Three-course Meal and Parlor Show by Bill Abbott
9pm Talk by Mystique Founder Terry Commons on how he founded a chain of magic venue
9.30pm Lecture by Bill Abbott
Thurs September 1st
10am Leave hotel for drive in an air-conditioned coach to Capitol Reef National Park and Red Sands Hotel & Spa.
5pm Welcome Event, Presentation of Gift Packs and badges
5.30pm Golden Drive. A drive to one of the most spectacular overlooks in the region for a group photo and a small surprise!
7.30pm Taco Bar at the Red Sands Hotel
9pm Andi Gladwin Lecture. Andi will present an all-new lecture, sourced from his hit book The Boy Who Cried Magic, as well as new, unpublished material.
10pm Stargazing and S'mores Party
Fri September 2nd
8.30am Breakfast
10am Drive to Goblin State Park for hiking and photos. Guided tours are available, or you’re welcome to explore on your own or with friends.
5pm John Carney Session One. This is your chance to get up close to a true master of our craft, and soak up his extensive knowledge.
7.30pm Group Dinner at the Red Sands
9pm David Ben Session One. In this transformational session David Ben will tip the sleight-of-hand work he’s kept secret for decades, and also hint at his worldview in magic.
Sat September 3rd
8.30am Breakfast
9.30am Horseback riding! You’ll do an hour-long horse ride along the rim of Capitol Reef National Park. This excursion will happen in groups of ten throughout the morning and afternoon. So when you’re not horseback riding, you’ll have the chance to do drives or light hikes through Capitol Reef National Park. You’ll also have the opportunity to see Native American Petroglyphs that are more than 1000 years old.
12.30pm Lunch
2pm Joshua Jay Presentation and Lecture: You’ve seen our own Joshua Jay, but you haven’t seen him do this collection of material.
4pm David Ben Session Two. A continuation into David’s remarkable work.
6pm Group Dinner
9pm John Carney Session Two. The second part of our deep-dive into sleight-of-hand.
10pm Our favorite tradition: The Trickies. This spoof-award show allows your hosts, Josh and Andi, to present awards–both serious and ridiculous–to attendees who have earned them.
Sun September 4th
9.30am Coach back to SLC airport (estimated arrival time 2pm)
Magic retreat

Photos provided

Everyone wishes they had a photographer on hand to catch the most memorable moments of your trip but nobody likes the hassle of doing it. We’ll have two photographers on hand for all the excursions and the magic events so that each of you leaves with a collection of professional grade moments from your trip. There is, of course, no charge for this feature. It’s included in your package.

How much does it cost?

Your registration fee includes nearly everything: your food, hotel, all the magic, and all the excursions.*

Single and Double Occupancy: This price is based on a single room. If you are willing to share with a fellow magician, there is a $150 discount per person.

Bringing your Spouse: This is the one magic event we absolutely welcome spouses and partners. They are more than welcome to attend the excursions, and to make full use of the hotel’s many spa amenities: hot tub, copper tub, swimming pool, yoga studio, coffee shop, and indoor and outdoor reading nooks.

* There are two very casual, affordable meals that you’ll pay for, since the group won’t be all together at that time. You are responsible for the short taxi or uber journey from the Salt Lake City Airport to the hotel, and there is also a seasonal, complimentary shuttle available. Finally, on the night everyone arrives there is an optional visit to Mystique Dining, and there is a supplementary charge of $100 for this activity, which includes a three-course meal.

Limit spots available:
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