Memorable Moments From A London Magic Convention: Stories to Tell

Attendees and performers alike have shared countless memorable moments at The Session magic convention in London. Whether it's witnessing a jaw-dropping performance, participating in an intimate workshop, or experiencing serendipitous late-night encounters, the convention has provided a treasure trove of magical stories to tell. From it's beginnings in Cheltenham to London. Maybe you came to see the latest magic tricks, to browse the new magic books, or just to see your friends. The Session is a very special convention.

Maybe you were there the year Chris Kenner sat down on the floor with Edward Hilsum to work on his Coins Across routine?

Maybe you sat down for breakfast with Mac King and got to discuss timing with him?

Were you there the first time Dani DaOrtiz performed in the UK? We’ve never seen a room full of magicians get more fooled!

Dynamo at The Session

Did you see Dynamo give an impromptu show for our Youth Scholars?

What about the year when there was an unscheduled jam led by Bernado Sedlacek?

The real secret about running a London magic convention is that it’s so easy to get to, people will happily come from all over the world to be part of this intimate gathering of like-minded magi. Situated literally two minutes from Heathrow airport, it’s the best-located magic convention in the world and we cannot wait to see you there and to hear the stories about the memories (and friendships) you make there. And the [playing cards](/playing cards) you'll ruin!