World-Class Performances: Awe-Inspiring Magic Convention In London

One of the standout features of "The Session" magic convention in London is the world-class performances. Despite being small and intimate, over the years, magicians from every corner of the globe have graced the stage, sharing their own, unique magic.

In this article, we’ll share some highlights from the past, and also tell you about what we’re looking forward to at our London magic convention 2024, which takes place two minutes from Heathrow airport.

The great thing about running a London magic convention next to Heathrow is that it’s super easy for magicians from around the world to attend. It’s literally just two minutes from the terminal!

Let’s take a look back at the last few years.


Eric Mead

Now, that's what I call a line up for a London magic convention! Hollingworth, the very epitome of a London magican, along with Dynamo presenting a more street version! They're like ying and yang! Couple that a large dose of Eric Mead and you know you're in for a great weekend!



2018 was an amazing year for The Session convention, and here’s just three reasons why: Johnny Thompson, Paul Vigil, and Michael Close. These three performers wowed London with their performances, lectures, and the energy they shared with the attendees.


Dani DaOrtiz, Jared Kopf, and Mac King. I mean, if you’d bought tickets for a London magic convention and only saw those four names, you’d feel you got amazing value.

Dani was Dani, and shared not only amazing tricks (including early versions of some of his Penn and Teller Fool Us act), but also his theory and philosophy. He taught that the feeling you leave people with is much more important than what level of chops you have.

Jared Kopf was incredible all weekend, holding court during late-night jams, and on stage went deep into his Cups and Balls routine, teaching us what Bob White had taught him.

Mac King was our Guest of Honour and it was an incredibly rare opportunity to see this Las Vegas legend perform his award-winning material.


One word. Williamson. He came. He saw. He kicked ass. All the attendees had a blast hanging out with this legend all weekend. He gave time to our Youth Scholars, he lectured, he performed amazing improvised comedy magic (co-starring John Archer). Williamson was our Guest of Honour, quite rightly. This amazing man stayed up late jamming, and sharing his other-worldly magic.


No convention this year thanks to the pandemic.


Mop Man

This was the first time we had dual Guests of Honour in the form of Mike Caveney and Tina Lenert. What a joy it was to see Tina perform Mop Man live. The gasps when Caveney swung a cup of coffee around the stage in his show were loud and proud! Also that year Mario Lopez lectured, sharing what makes his approach to magic so unique. He also taught a place to hold out loads for Cups and Balls that everyone was surprised at!


The man, the myth, the legend: Richard Turner! We were delighted when Richard agreed to be our Guest of Honor at The Session, and even more delighted when he agreed to give us all a full performance of his one-man show, Dealt. This was a virtuoso display of the skill he has developed, that gave him the crown of the best card handler in the world.



We’ve got an incredible line up for 2024 with literally something for everyone. Dominique and Alexandra Duvivier will be there, along with a very rare convention appearance from Allan Ackerman. And that's just the start. See the full line up here.

Book your ticket now, and we’ll see you for the only weekend-long magic convention in London in January. See old friends and make new ones. What magical memories are you going to make?

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