Magic download (video) by Andi Gladwin ($10.00)

One undisputed highlight from Andi Gladwin's shows and lectures is "Aura," in which a spectator finds her own card from a genuinely shuffled deck. The routine is three phases, each more impossible than the last, and it's nearly self-working.

Due to some devious, yet simple, gimmickry, "Aura" is essentially self-working. Andi takes you through everything you need to know in this thirty-minute download, and even gives you multiple variations and ideas to make the effect your own.

Whether you're performing in casual or formal situations, "Aura" is set to be your new closer.

Running time: approximately 30 minutes


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Customer reviews for Aura


Andi, when I saw your performance of this, I knew I had to put it in my act. Man, this routine is brilliant! I love magic that tells a story and this one can be changed in so many ways to fit the mood or occasion (I'm working on a Halloween adaption: "Three Ghosts") It flows logically and simply but I added a "Cut Deeper" force at the start to make it even simpler. You guys are quickly becoming my favorite magic store, brother. Keep 'em coming'!


Emyr Davies

This get my vote for download of the year if such a thing exists! It's a very clever method, a great presentation and a really great construction. $10 for this is a real steal. Congratulations Vanishing Inc and Andi Gladwin - you guys rock.


Ed Baker

The other reviewers are right -- this really is a fantastic download. Since watching this I have gone back and purchased everything that Andi has produced. A hidden gem!