Magic download (video) by Ernesto
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Magic download (video) by Ernesto ($10.00)

Witness a new wave of magic from our latest discovery; South America's Ernesto Melero. We traveled to South America to film four of Ernesto's refined card moves (Spread Control, Spread Force, Bottom Palm and Stab Force), plus two amazing tricks (Reversal and Estimating Joker) and packaged them into one amazing download. With enough material for one DVD, we decided to package it all together for one amazing price of $10!

Running time: 14 minutes, 2 seconds.


Customer reviews for Ernesto

andrew mansell

Ernesto you a legend. Really fun presentaion and with some help from josh it is well explained.

The spread bluff is so clean it made me laugh the first time he explained it. The trick at the end is also a classic, very funny and fooled me completely, which isn't hard to do, but I feel I will be using it in no time.

I look forward to seeing more of your work Ernesto.

Thanks again to Vanishing Inc.


montagne daniel

Elegant, deceptive, beautifull touch , i want more !!!


Mike Vance

This download has some excellent magic that is within reach with some practice. It is visual and practical and will make you a better card magician. Definitely worth the money. I can't wait to see more from this guy.


Jorge Betancourt

A short but very comprehensive download, the Bottom Palm is the highlight for me. Vanishing Inc always produces great DVD's, downloads and books, this is not an exception. Short, it's true, but worth the price. As Andrew Mansell said in a past review, I would love to see more work of Ernesto Melero