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Magic download (video) by Nestor Hato
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Nestor Hato

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Magic download (video) by Nestor Hato ($10.00)

France's Nestor Hato makes his Vanishing Inc. debut! He explains three separate moves, all for one download price of ten bucks. This is cutting edge card magic at its best!

The Perception Control is an easy-as-pie, stunning, in-the-hands top control. Follow along and you will be doing it by the time the tutorial is over. The second move (Butterfly) is trickier, but we've never seen anything quite like it: it's a revelation of a selected card in which the selection becomes trapped between two packets during a one-handed cut.

And as a bonus, we are including Nestor's instant four Ace location. This thing looks like trick photography! Check out the gorgeous trailer and get all three moves for just $10.

Running time: 17 minutes, 43 seconds.

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Hank Edwards

I had no idea Nestor was such a skilled close up magician! I've seen him on stage a number of times but I had no idea he's this good!