Pellikaan's Oil & Water

Magic download (video) by Peter Pellikaan
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Pellikaan's Oil & Water

5.95 usd

Magic download (video) by Peter Pellikaan ($5.95)

This is a smart, judicious use of standard and original moves, and the result is a highly deceptive two-phase version of the classic Oil & Water routine.

Important: Peter Pelikaan's face never appears in his videos, they look homemade, his voice is rough, and his background is a mystery. Peter teaches fast, and doesn't speak much during the tutorials, but they are clear enough assuming that you already know standard moves such as false counts, displays and, on the very odd occasion, lapping. The camerawork isn't fancy by any means, but his astounding magic speaks for itself.

Running time: 3 minutes, 25 seconds

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Jim McGowan

Not quite what I expected. This routine requires a gimmicked card that is not included and is not a common gimmick that most would already have. Additionally the effect - in all variations shown - requires moving the top card to the bottom after reordering the packet each time. All in all not very satisfying. The routine is not so effective that I felt it necessary to go out and find the non-provided (but required) gimmick. Thus I have never gotten a chance to perform it.