The Core

Magic download (video) by Pit Hartling
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The Core

10.00 usd

Magic download (video) by Pit Hartling ($10.00)

Pit Hartling performs and explains an extremely deceptive name-a-card trick with a charming presentation. His book is a modern classic full of great material, but the Core is taught here exclusively.

Running time: 11 minutes, 29 seconds.


Customer reviews for The Core

Charlie Sander

WOW -- This is great effect and the instructions were easy to follow and the layout was very well put together. Good job all around


John Mccue

I am very pleased with this download. Sure, $10 is a bit steep for one trick,but it really is a great trick, open to many presentations ( although Pits presentation is a very good one) and I feel I will use this for the rest of my life, so all in all money well spent. Love the method, ingenious !


Reuben Frederick Gear

When I learned what type of method would be used in this trick, I was at first reserved - since I perfer a certain style of card magic; but once Pit got into the mechanics and the explanation (tailored with his easy to follow directions and charm), I gained a new respect for this lineage of card magic and Pit's particular addition to it.


Tom Hodgson


I remember first seeing this and saying WTF outloud. I was stunned. You DONT ever look at the face of the cards during the routine before or after the card is named.

After seeing Pits book "Card Fictions" i knew this would be amazing method wise, Presentation wise and concept wise.

The Method is very very cheeky i dont think i could have ever thought of it.
Work needs to be put into this effect but it is SO well worth it look at it. Its Stunning.

Pit goes Indepth on how to perform and learn the effect yes this will be something new to just about every magician i think. Pit is a great teacher and creator i cant wait to see more from him on the site.

Pick it up!




WOW-A REALLY GREAT EFFECT!! Frankly, I feel that it's one of the very few effects I ever downloaded that is so well worth its price! For $10 you get a very high magical quality effect, based on a fantastic, ingenious method and with the help of the (very, very simple!) mathematics, you will have an unbelievable effect for your spectators! Pick it NOW!!! You will no regret it.


Jack McCoy

Pit Hartling's 'The Core' is absolutely amazing. It's like an offshoot of A.C.A.A.N. and beautified. The method is deviously clever and so honest looking, it will stump anyone, layperson or magician. I can attest to this from my performing it at the magic shop to both. I will be doing this trick forever in my gigs. Thanks Pit and Vanishing Inc!


Arthur Abad

The method is absolutely mind boggling. I honestly think I paid too little for this method. I'm really glad to have learned this.


tony bianco

This trick is really ingenious.I had to get this after I saw the video and glad I did. It isn't hard to do at all, just some math in head, but I put the important numbers(if you have this you know what I mean) on the bottom of my card box to glance at if need be. Get this and you wont be sorry. If you use the memorized deck this is a must have.